Arts and culture are two very important parts of life. So many people rely on the arts scene for entertainment and for a break from reality. You’ve probably grown up with a passion for the arts all your life. When you were in school, you always loved drawing or going to drama lessons. Perhaps you took up a musical instrument or started making short films? Regardless, you have something that you’re passionate about. 

So, why don’t you take your passion and turn it into a career? Nowadays, you’ll be surprised at how many opportunities exist for people in the arts & culture realm. Here are a handful of possibilities you may consider:

Become a musician

Musicians have an awesome job. They get to travel around playing music that makes them happy. Also, they get to see other people be happy as well. Becoming a musician is easy…at least, in practice. You need to learn an instrument, possibly learn how to sing, then start building your brand. Play small clubs and bars, take online bookings, upload your music to Spotify, etc. You might not reach the heights of some musicians, but you can still make a good living doing something you love. 

Become a director

Do you have a passion for film making? Perhaps you’ve already created a few short films for school or college work? If so, it makes sense to think about a career as a director. Most directors start off freelance, meaning you find your own work or create it yourself. Gradually, you build up a reputation and start getting offers from production companies to work on films, documentaries, operas, and so on. I know that Travis Preston has a lot of good info on his blog for young directors – particularly those of an operatic persuasion. Do some research into this career to figure out the best approach to take. As with all artistic jobs, there’s lots of competition. However, you benefit from doing something you love.

Become a photographer

This is perhaps the most diverse career opportunity to consider. Photography is one of the broadest art forms out there. A quick search will tell you there are so many forms of photography that you can choose to focus on. Hone your craft and you can get hired to take on massive projects that take you all over the world. Photographers also have the joy of going out and finding their own work. Take photos of whatever you like, then sell them online. Plenty of places offer to buy photos from you, and you can sell them on stock image websites as well. It’s relatively easy to make a great living if you have a talent for this art form. 

The underlying point of this post is that your passion doesn’t have to be a hobby. So many people are heavily invested in the arts, yet follow completely different career paths. Why do something you hate when you can do something you love? Turn your passion into a lifetime job that’s full of benefits. 


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