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How to transform your tired living room in four easy steps

Returning home after a stressful day at work, kicking off your shoes, and entering the living room, you hope to be greeted with a relaxing space. If your lounge is tired and in need of an update, take a little time out of your schedule and attack it. Continue reading for our tips on how to transform yours in four easy steps.

How to transform your tired living room in four easy steps


Paint on the walls and woodwork can quickly become grubby over a few months or even years. Simply giving then a fresh lick of paint can brighten up the entire room. You could stick to the color that you already have. Alternatively, we could choose something completely different, overhauling the room entirely. Whatever you opt for, make sure that you don’t just focus on the walls. Skirting boards and doors, for example, also need some attention. Gloss paint becomes yellow very quickly and even more so in a house with smokers. Spending a little time and effort bring them back to their clean white color will make a massive difference to the room.


When you enter a room that has a lot of trinkets, it can be somewhat overwhelming. The sheer amount of clutter can draw your attention away from relaxing towards what needs to be done within the room. Not only do too many knickknacks look untidy, but they also attract a lot of dust. Start small and remove any items that you no longer like. It doesn’t matter if they hold sentimental value; you can store them elsewhere, but they don’t have to be on show. Decluttering gradually over time means that you will find it a less stressful activity. You will certainly feel better at the end of it, and the room will look far better.


Add some color

Although having painted the walls and woodwork will have made everything look fresher and cleaner, it can sometimes look a little clinical. Adding a pop of color can be just what you need. You could do this through the addition of a feature wall which could be created using wallpaper or merely a more vibrant color of paint. Alternatively, you could choose some bright accessories such as light fixtures and quirky trinkets (but be careful not to add too much clutter!).


For a lovely touch of comfort, consider adding some cushions to your seating. You can never have too many cushions, even if you only use them to cuddle. You want your feet to feel treated too, and your flooring is so important. A magnificent fluffy pile on a carpet is great, but if you have wooden flooring, consider using a rug such as those advised by Susan Marocco interior designer Westchester NY. If you do not find your living room comfortable, there is little point in even spending any time in there. It needs to be your little sanctuary. Comfort isn’t only about the sensation of touch but also about other senses such a smell. You could invest in aromatherapy essential oils burner or alternatively a candle wax melter.

We hope that you enjoyed this How to transform your tired living room in four easy steps post.

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