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They brought Wyatt along on dinner dates, even the ones at trendy vegan small-plates restaurants, buckling in the car seat and folding up the stroller just like any family. They’ve also packed up all the kid paraphernalia for longer excursions too, and both kids already have a few stamps in their passports.

When Kunis shot The Spy Who Dumped Me with Kate McKinnon, the whole family went to Hungary for the summer, she and Kutcher having decided that, whenever possible, they want the kids with them always.

Despite Kutcher’s multi-platform social media presence, and a willingness to share more couple shots than when they first started out, the pragmatic duo have kept Wyatt and Dimitri off of Instagram.

When Wyatt was first born, he memorably posted a handful of baby photos and told fans they could guess which one was his. The couple have also benefited from the unofficial embargo on paparazzi pics taken of celebrities’ kids that many outlets (including this one) agreed to, the new system going into effect before Wyatt was born. 

While the shutterbugs will never fly away entirely, the duo have been able to motor around somewhat more comfortably in order to take their kids on errands, to birthday parties and other places that everyone needs to take their kids to sometimes.


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