Magnesium is a natural mineral present in rocks, the sea, animals, plants and even humans. In humans, magnesium serves diverse functions in the body system. It aids several biological processes in the body. This is why its deficiency usually leaves significant traces on the body.  

Magnesium citrate can be gotten through frequent intake of vegetables, nuts, seeds etc. Sadly, the production method of these food produce limits the magnesium quantity in them. Asides that, most people don’t eat enough magnesium-surplus foods.  

This has led to a staggeringly high percentage of people suffering from magnesium deficiency. Thus, it is essential to not only frequently take food rich in magnesium but also complement that intake with magnesium citrate products. 

There are several forms of magnesium, but the most recognized for its health benefits is the magnesium citrate. Magnesium citrate is most useful to people suffering from constipation. It also helps manage anxiety, stress and insomnia, and has incredible benefits on the skin. Here is how magnesium citrate affects your skin. 

1. Reduces Inflammation from Skin Disorders 

Magnesium is high in compounds that reduce inflammation-related reactions that generate from skin disorders. Most skin disorders, particularly the likes of eczema, acne, psoriasis and more, usually bring along inflammation as symptoms. This is typically hard to deal with, but skin cosmetologists have found that magnesium citrate can be used to relieve skin inflammations.  

Notably, it was discovered that magnesium citrate reduces the following inflammation inciters in the body- CRP (C-reactive protein), IL6 (interleukin-6) and TNF (tumour necrosis factor-alpha).  

Also, by reducing the body’s cortisol levels and stabilizing hormonal imbalances, magnesium citrate helps fight skin disorders and related conditions. Thanks to fighting skin conditions, magnesium citrate helps one maintain clear skin and an even skin tone. 

In addition, magnesium citrate helps boost the immune system, thereby reducing the frequency of acne, eczema, breakouts, and skin allergies. Thankfully, it’s possible to get the appropriate amounts of magnesium from places like Natural Calm, who are at the forefront of the production of high-quality magnesium citrate products.  

2. Reduces the Symptom of Ageing  

As time goes by, the skin loses the properties that help it maintain its lushness, which is often as a result of aging. One of the benefits of Magnesium citrate on the skin is that it can help reverse some of the effects of ageing as well as aiding skin properties retention.  

Ageing reduces the DNA replication rate of the body; this, in turn, causes wrinkles. However, the use of magnesium citrate can boost DNA replication rate of the body. Magnesium also aids the production of collagen to replenish the skin.  

The modern-day era and the technological and industrial advancements that come with it are not without adverse effects. No thanks to these advancements, the body is exposed to several toxins now more than ever before.  

These toxins have a severe impact on the body, skin included. Magnesium citrate is known to act as an antioxidant to detoxify the body. The detoxification has wondrous effects on the skin. This reduces the biological strain on the liver, thereby aiding the production of glutathione. Meanwhile, glutathione also helps the skin maintain its elasticity and overall lushness. 

3. Enhances Overall Skin Well-being 

It is no news that vitamin D is essential to the body, particularly the skin. Well, magnesium citrate aids the body’s retention of vitamin D for healthy skin.  

Magnesium citrate also helps replenish the skin tissues and cells for fresh-looking skin. When the skin tissues and cells start drying out, the skin tends to look scaly and dry- similar to how the skin looks when it badly needs exfoliation. 

Magnesium citrate helps correct this and returns the skin to its original look. Additionally, magnesium citrate trigger cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid production for the skin’s use. The deficiency of magnesium in the body reduces the levels of fatty acids in the skin. This reduces the skin’s elasticity and moisture resulting in skin dryness and wrinkles.  

By eating magnesium-rich foods and using magnesium-based products, particularly magnesium citrate transdermal products, you can keep the skin feeling forever young.’ Here is an insider tip; you can incorporate citrate powder into your diet regimen. All you need to do when ready to consume it is ‘just add water.’ Your body would thank you for it. 

4. Cosmetics 

Magnesium citrate-based products have found their way to the cosmetics and cosmetology scene. There are various beauty products on the shelf now that are magnesium-based.  

Magnesium citrate cleanser is used for deep cleansing and exfoliation. It is particularly favored by people with sensitive skin because its action is not severe on the skin compared to some other products in the market.  

Magnesium citrate facial massage creams have also grown pretty popular. Makeup products are also not left out. For instance, magnesium citrate leave-on product is now popularly used after applying usage to make the face shimmer and glow. Maybe the major reason magnesium citrate-based cosmetic products have found placement in the beauty scene is that being natural products, they are safer for the body. 


There is no doubt that magnesium citrate has amazing effects on the skin. If you have not started taking advantage of magnesium citrate, it might be time to try it and let this natural mineral glam up your skin.


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