proper care of your skin is no longer a thing for women.  Now, more than ever before, men are taking an
interest in what it takes to keep your skin looking younger and healthier for

of spending hundreds on the advice of a dermatologist, take the time to do a
little research.  You have the tools to
take care of your skin at your disposal.

just a matter of learning what to do.
Here are a few helpful skin care tips for men to get you started down
the path to happier, healthier skin.

Adopt a daily skin routine

your skin clean is a big part of taking good care of it.  You should have a daily
facial/skin care routine that you follow religiously.  If you want your skin to be in the best shape
possible, you have to wash it.

washing your face with harsh chemicals or dry soaps can make your skin age
faster.  Make sure you’re washing your
face with a product that contains natural and healing properties instead.

Working to clean up trouble spots

you age, you’ll notice some new things happening with your skin.  Men often deal with moles and other dark
spots that can be troublesome.

your doctor evaluate any spots that bring concern.  You may also deal with unsightly varicose veins as you age.  Fortunately, there are home remedies you can
use alongside medical treatment to reduce and remove troublesome or unsightly

Take care while shaving

tools and methods you use while shaving your face make a big difference in how
your skin will react.  Careful not to get
too close a shave.

stretch your skin taut when you shave.
Shaving too close can cause more razor bumps and burns.  Ingrown hairs will also be less of a problem
if you don’t worry about shaving super close.

Moisturize your skin daily

your skin on a daily basis will help it age more gracefully.  Moisture in your skin will also help keep
your face feeling fresh and smooth after a good shave.

the collagen and
elasticity of your skin by properly moisturizing.
Apply a moisturizer to your skin after a bath, shower, or shave, and
watch to see how your body reacts.  You
won’t be disappointed.

Wear sunscreen when you’re in the

much sun exposure can damage your skin over time, and men aren’t always the
best at limiting their time outside.  If
you’re going to be in the sun, always wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30
or higher.

Make sure to apply the sunscreen on all of your
exposed skin, and reapply sunscreen if you’re going swimming or sweating a
lot.  You can go a step further to
protect yourself by wearing UV protected sunglasses too.


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