So, I have had the draft of this article now for over a week. Trying to finish it and never got around it. Because we are in the last week of school and things are a bit crazy.

Antoine is finishing primary school and the last days are packed. I am super happy for him that he gets to enjoy all these parties, ceremonies and picnics because last year everything had to be cancelled. Further I am training (as well as organising a team) for a Half Marathon in September. And a new project will start next week for me as well. Adding the play dates and sleep overs that are happening again. Altogether, I am trying to keep up with everything and the day only has 24h.

However, now is time and I so delighted to share these cute lamps with you!

r o o m G A G A* was created out of passion and love for exceptional things. All of these beautiful lamps are made in a local workshop in Poznan, Poland.

‘Each of their elements is an effect of meticulous, manual work. Cutting, grinding, painting, polishing all elements is a process in which we put our whole heart. And we want everything we do to have the uniqueness mentioned above, that is why we use only solid pine wood for production.’

I am sure that these lamps are a perfect addition to your child’s room:

Handmade wooden lamps kids room

Handmade wooden lamps kids room

That hedgehog* is just the cutest!


Handmade wooden lamps kids room

Handmade wooden lamps kids room

Handmade wooden lamps kids room

Each lamp is manufactured entirely by Emilia and her team. And the whole process of its creation, from cutting out of solid pine wood from Polish forests, to sanding and painting with paints certified for children, is only manual work.

Which one is your favourite? Personally, I find it very difficult to choose but I think I have a little preference for the whale*!

More accessories for the kids room?

How about these dreamy accessories for the kids room or handmade boho furniture.


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