Going for green and glittery! Shirt is the Blush Is My Crush Tee in Ocean.

So, I was wearing this glittery green eye look yesterday when I went to pick up Connor from school, and with the foiled forrest green lids sparkling rainbow glitter in the corners, I felt full-on CRAZYPANTS!

I’ve got a rep to protect

Yesterday the kids went home early for Christmas break, and while the other adults at pickup were rocking tastefully understated tinted moisturizer and mascara, I rolled up to the classroom looking like I was going to da club, HAHAHA!

You know what? I’ve decided to lean into it. 🤷‍♀️ I’m OK being that mom.

Just a li’l glitter!

The inspo

I did this look because of this gorgeous green smokey eye tutorial by Hannah Martin, but instead of using the Urban Decay Born to Run Palette, I used the new UD Boogie mini palette.

It ended up a little more subdued than hers, and I think that was partly because I haven’t worn this much lewk in a while, so I held back a little because I’m just not used to seeing myself with so much color on my face. I think I’ll try it again, though, maybe with the false lashes and a lip with unblended liner to see if I can push it!

Makeup is physical

Yeah, this look was a good reminder that makeup is a perishable skill. It’s been a minute since I wore anything like this with lots of blending, and I felt rusty.

urban decay boogie braid

One last thing

But I really like how this nude lip turned out! I lined and filled my lips with MAC Oak lip liner, then topped it off with Chanel Amoureaux Rouge Allure Ink liquid lipstick, and I love how smooth my lips look. Definitely going to wear this combo again.

Makeup worn in this look

BIG Christmas break energy

I haven’t been a kid for a zillion years, so sometimes I forget how fired up children get this time of year. Yesterday the kids at Connor’s school were so hopped up on holiday break energy and sugar that the classroom was buzzing!

Four going on five!
Here we come, Christmas break!

It was also pajama day at school, and that kicked things up a notch as well. I mean, wearing your nighttime clothes to school? THAT’S CRRRAAAAAZY! Of course, that’s something many of us adults have been doing regularly for months, HAHAHA!

Connor will be at home for the next couple weeks, which means we’ll be baking all the things and doing lots of makeovers. Expect to see a few “interesting” faces of the day soon. 😁

How’s your week going, by the way? This week kicked my butt! I’m tired. Thank goodness it’s Friday… I can’t wait to watch Christmas movies and veg out. First up: The Sound of Music.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,




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