Jessica Carey

Posted on October 28 2019

Halloween is such a fun holiday for the entire family! We love a good theme, and Halloween lends itself to a great thematic meal.  Spooky (but not too much so!) details add a ton of fun to these healthy and filling meals.  Whether serving these dishes at a Halloween party or to your kids before an evening of trick-or-treating, we have three recipes you’re sure to love!

3 Spooky Halloween Recipes for Kids

1. Scary Good Smorgasbord from Momfessionals.

We love this smorgasbord- it’s such an easy way to serve a ton of healthy options and cute scary details can be added everywhere.  This one has peanut butter spiders and celery sticks with eyes for a Halloween-themed treat.  Fruits, vegetables, hummus, cheese, crackers, dips, nuts, dried fruit and a few treats can all be added to round out the meal.  Kids love being able to choose what they eat from a mean like this plus (Bonus!) leftovers are perfect for lunchboxes the next day.

2. Halloween Avocado Toast from Britt + Co

Halloween Avocado Toast

These crazy cute Halloween Avocado Toasts are a perfect way to start Halloween morning.  Create skulls, monsters and Frankenstein with seaweed, radishes, pickles, olives, tomatoes, bell pepper and walnuts.  You can surprise kids with an already-made toast or let them create their own! Avocado is a great healthy fat to start the day (especially a day that will have so much sugar!).

3. Mini Spider Pizza from Recipe Runner

Mini Spider Pizzas

These adorable Mini Spider Pizzas would be perfect next to a bowl of chili on Halloween night! Or as an appetizer for a party.  Kids can definitely help with this snack, and when kids help in the kitchen they’re more open to new flavors (like olives!). You could also get creative with other toppings and create more spooky toppings from your imagination!

Fun Halloween Recipes

Themed-recipes sometimes take a little more work, but they’re a fun way to embrace a holiday and make it special for your family.  The time is so brief that kids love things like this that it’s worth putting the time into recipes like these.  On Halloween night we will be making a Scary Good Smorgasbord with Spider Pizzas as a main feature. It should be a scary-good time!

Jessica works at Little Skye Kids Boutique in e-commerce and social media.  She lives in Southern California with her husband and three kids.

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