Is it really even Friday? I feel like most days bleed together at this point and I’m left having to ask Alexa what day of the week it is 😉 …tell me I’m not alone here. This past week was actually a pretty good week. I went on lots of walks, worked from home at my part time job (super thankful), had great chats with Eddie, finished a book, and did some house work. All in all it kind of seems like a normal week in this stay-at-home order life

With being home more often I’ve found myself

HIGH | I was able to spend some time with a friend this week and I forgot how needed it is to have that quality time together. It was wonderful and weird and just so interesting during this COVID-19 season but it was a great reminder how friendships are so important.

LOW | Having to wait a little long for something REALLY fun to happen in our lives. (no, we are not pregnant). I’m also missing spending time with family and friends, not having those physical connections has slowly started to settle in and it sucks.

PS – I had someone ask me the other day if I was going to do another Etsy Swap anytime soon. She said it would be the perfect time to do another one of these and I wanted to get your input!

What is an Etsy Swap? You can read more about one of the ones we’ve done in the past but basically you set a $$ limit, you sign up, get assigned someone else, and purchase one of their “loves” off of Etsy and send it on to the and you get something in return. It’s kind of like a secret santa but etsy version. It’s the perfect way to send some love and support small business.

Drop your vote below!
Do you want to do an Etsy Swap?

  • If you are looking to meal plan or already meal plan read this post. I can’t believe I haven’t been doing this to help with meal planning, so easy and so smart!
  • This linen bread bag is so pretty and functional.
  • Oh my goodness, this master bedroom is stunning (and she has all the links for all the things)!
  • I mean since we are all social distancing, this sweatshirt is perfect.
  • I’m dreaming of a pergola covered in gorgeous jasmine over our garage like this one.
  • Cookie dough is tasty, so I’m eye-balling this chickpea cookie dough recipe haaaarrrrdddd.
  • Another food one, these easy homemade strawberry pop tarts look phenomenal.
  • 16 online plant stores that deliver right to your door! (LOVE this list)
  • Eye-balling this essential oil diffusor, it’s so pretty!


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