Let’s bring it way back to 2011 when JuJu Cosmetics White Peach Skin Whitening Mist was still around and that baby face on the bottle was creeping everyone out. Have you ever incorporated a product in your skincare routine and never really noticed how much you loved it until it disappears? I always felt that way with the White Peach Skin Whitening Mist. I liked it, I even Muse Approved it, but I was always a little disappointed it didn’t quite work as promised (the brightening skin part seemed bogus). When it disappeared I was actually really sad I couldn’t use it anymore. I had grown to really enjoy using it right out of the shower or as the first step after my daily cleanse.

I actually rarely see Japanese brands discontinue certain lines of products. Once they introduce something it tends to stick around for years. But White Peach Skin Whitening Mist felt very fleeting. It launched early in the Summer of 2011 I believe and within a few months it seemed like it was impossible to find. Juju Cosmetics has since moved on to many other great products but to this day I can’t recall them every doing a facial mist again?

But for everyone missing JuJu Cosmetics White Peach Skin Whitening Mist there’s the new B&C Labs Momo Puri Collection!

BCL launched an entire range of different Momo Puri products in Japan that included to different lotions, gel moisturizer, a cleanser, and other items. These all have a soft, sweet peachy scent and contain some very nice hydrating ingredient like lactic acid, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and peach ceramides. The release was a welcome collection as my drier skin is the worst around January/February when it’s coldest in my little corner of the world.

The collection consistent of BCL Momo Puri Moisturizing Jelly Masks, Momo Puri Moist Gel Lotion as well as concentrated lotion, Momo Puri Moist Gel Cream, Moist Booster Serum, and Momo Puri Moist Cleaning Wash. I’ve been using it for a while now and I like it a lot! I’ll review the items soon but if you are kind of missing the Juju Cosmetics mist this new line might really make you happy. No, it doesn’t contain a facial mist sadly but it still has the same peachy scent and I actually love it’s an entire line of peach skincare!

Stay tuned for my review!

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