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It’s all in the eyes. In this era of face masks, the eyes have become all the more important in revealing our wellbeing, emotions and personalities. We shouldn’t downgrade our makeup even if half our face is covered with a mask. Rather, we should upgrade our eye makeup skills.

Read on to find out eye makeup tips to look awake and lively!

Dab on eye concealer
My makeup routine always includes a trusty eye concealer. As someone who wakes up to panda circles every morning, I cannot emphasize enough how important this step is. Eye concealer hides any discoloration around the eyes and can serve as a base for eye shadow, all in all brightening eyes and making them look more awake. To key is to use the correct color – a peachy color to cancel out dark circles and green veins, and yellow to erase blue and purplish veins. I normally go for a peachy liquid concealer that’s one shade lighter than my skin tone. Gently dab a small amount onto the under-eye area using the doe foot applicator before lightly patting in with the ring finger. That way, the concealer will stay put throughout the day.


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