What trial or experiment did you attempt?

After listening to so many friends sing the praises of CBD for years now, I finally decided it was time to try a routine of my own. Actually, it was well overdue. Staying home almost 24/7 in such unprecedented times has definitely resulted in increased anxiety and decreased sleep for me.

What products did you use?

I tried three different products from Equilibria, a female-founded brand that grows premium cannabis on a farm in Colorado. My favorite thing about this company is that when you purchase from it, you are set up with a dosage specialist who will talk you through an ideal routine based on your needs and lifestyle.

My routine went as follows: First, I take a 10 mg soft gel with breakfast every morning. (It’s best absorbed by the body when eaten with a “good” fat like avocado or nut butter.) Then, I’ll incorporate the drops throughout the day as needed and about an hour before bed. I was advised to take a half droplet (5 mg) and then another after 20 minutes if I wasn’t feeling the calming effects. The last product I use is the relief cream, which helps with muscle soreness. I mainly used this at night on my feet (TMI?) on days when I did a lot of walking.

How long did you commit to the trial?

I’ve been doing this routine for about two weeks straight now.

Was it successful?

Yes! My main goal was to feel more relaxed at night because my mind usually races before bed. The CBD has definitely had a positive effect on that, but I also can’t believe how much better I’ve been feeling throughout the day now. It’s like I’m floating through my nine-to-five instead of driving up an unpaved road. Am I making any sense?

Do you have tips for someone interested in the same trial?

If possible, talk to a professional to help get you started on the right routine for you. Trial and error are key. If you’re not feeling the benefits of CBD right away, don’t be afraid to increase your dosage or frequency.


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