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Meet Miss Sherlock, Japanese TV’s answer to the iconic Sherlock Holmes! This consulting detective has an appreciation of the finer things in life as well as brains to spare. Uber-stylish, super intelligent and more than a little eccentric, she’s known to chase criminals down alleyways in towering heels, gleefully break the rules of etiquette in polite society, and come up with solutions to impossible puzzles in the blink of an eye. As she works her way through a series of increasingly sinister cases, we get treated to a parade of glamorous outfits that run the gamut from preppy, grown-up chic to edgy, high-fashion punk to opulent, vintage-infused loungewear.

Like the original Sherlock Holmes, Miss Sherlock’s most iconic look is her professional “uniform” – a crisp white shirt paired with tailored houndstooth pants and a beige trench coat, topped with silver heels and a sleek crossbody saddlebag. As the season progresses, she can be seen easing into more casual ensembles exuding tough, low-key glam, such as an all-black outfit combining a leather jacket, a loose-fit leather slip dress layered over a turtleneck, and silver-edged black boots. But it’s on those rare occasions between solving cases that her wardrobe truly shines and surprises. Relaxing with her beloved cello or pottering around with her home chemistry kit, she slips into bright, opulent outfits in luxurious fabrics, from a multi-colored set of pajamas reminiscent of vintage wallpaper to a voluminous green dress appliqued with cloth flowers, a retro-style mock-neck top in a jeweled print and a honey-brown fur jacket.

Brainbox Chic as Interpreted by Miss Sherlock

We present three looks inspired by three of Miss Sherlock’s most iconic ensembles: her professional gear which translates well into office looks, her take on punk which provides a primer on how to really work that leather jacket, and her vibrant, off-duty finery which juxtaposes the unabashedly luxe with the casual and playful.

1. High-Powered Sleuth

Inspired by Miss Sherlock at her case-solving best, I’ve put together a wardrobe that combines the practical with the polished. Anchoring the outfit is a fitted mock-neck shirt with just the right amount of lace and ruffles, as well as a classic pair of houndstooth dress pants. But the star of the show is clearly the swishy trench coat in beige, with its not-so-subtle nod to the original Sherlock Holmes. In lieu of a pipe and deerstalker, I’ve selected a black crossbody saddle bag with designer vibes that’s perfect for pocketing evidence (as well as for stashing your favorite lipstick). Complete the outfit with a pair of sky-high silver heels to stride around town in!

2. Punk-Sophisticate

Miss Sherlock doesn’t do things by halves, so when she goes punk, she commits. Her vision is edgy and elegant rather than all-out tough – think sleek leather in feminine cuts and chunky heels. Instead of our heroine’s all-black ensemble, I’ve layered a soft, stretchy black turtleneck underneath a faux leather slip dress in dove gray. It’s topped with a slouchy biker jacket – a more relaxed alternative to Miss Sherlock’s fitted, high-fashion version. For a subtly gothic yet still sophisticated edge, go for these sterling silver cog studs, which combine steampunk energy with industrial flair. Seal the deal with black, block-heel patent leather boots fitted with ring pull zips – sharp, sophisticated and above all, comfy.

3. Off-Duty Exuberance

Even off-duty, our heroine is no slouch. In fact, it’s in these moments that she indulges in a more colorful and overtly romantic wardrobe, in the form of quirky prints, glamorous fabrics and the occasional frill or ruffle. Taking inspiration from Miss Sherlock’s softer side, I’ve selected pieces that transition nicely from daytime to evening, including a floral maxi dress in black chiffon, a summery midi dress in a vibrant tropical print, a puff-sleeve knit top with strong vintage vibes, a deliciously colored suit showcasing springtime florals, and a blue-green chiffon top in a one-of-a-kind print that would make any hipster proud.

Grown-Up Glam – A Most Feminine Weapon

Logical to a fault but never cold and clinical, Miss Sherlock endears with her sudden bursts of impishness and her all-around eccentricity. Wielding a wardrobe full of chic, feminine pieces that she wears like armor, she reminds us that there’s more than one look for the classic sleuth and for brainy girls in general. In the world of Miss Sherlock, one can solve major crimes while decked out in vintage florals and still make it in time for high tea at the city’s ritziest dessert café.

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