A lot has been written about the events of the last few months, and much more will be written in the years to come.

Until now, we have viewed history through a glass, looking back as observers; but now we are participants, living through a real moment in time that will be recorded and recited by many future generations. It is a strange time, full of confusing rules and unanswered questions.  However, one thing is true – we will only succeed if we are united.

The irony of staying apart to come together is apparent, but every action makes a difference.  We need to carefully weigh every outing and encounter but as we play our part in the heroic effort to overcome, we can draw some positives from the new normal, perhaps taking time to think about what is truly important and rethink our personal goals.

This short series, working with local models, marks the start of a reflective project as we all take the first tentative steps back into the world.

No one is in their comfort zones and no one wants to take unnecessary risks, but here we show that in this strange new world, you can still share a space, take part in an experience and reflect on moments of beauty together.

Editorial: Exploring Isolation By Nick Dale

Editorial: Exploring Isolation By Nick Dale

Editorial: Exploring Isolation By Nick Dale

Exploring Isolation Editorial Crew Credits:

Photographer: Nick Dale @nick.dale

HMUA for Sadie: Amy Byron

Models: Sadie & Esmee.


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