Do you need a gadget to help clean your face?

That’s a question I ask myself everytime a new face-cleaning gadget hits the stands. In recent years, Swedish brand Foreo has carved its niche and entrenched itself firmly in the beauty world as the go-to face-cleaning gadget.

But I stayed clear, because I’m notoriously lax at using beauty gadgets. Very lax.

I was however, recently offered a chance to try the Foreo Luna 3, and after a little humming and hawing, I decided to say yes. What is the point of being a beauty blogger if I wasn’t a little adventurous? In fact, what’s the point of being a beauty blogger anymore, when people prefer other mediums LOL! 😛

But I digress.

So, after a little while using the Foreo Luna 3, I think I have an opinion on it – and I have been encouraged to be honest, so I will be! (I wonder if they’ll regret that) 😉

What is the Foreo Luna 3?

The Foreo Luna 3 is the 3rd iteration of the Luna facial cleanser and massager.

It is a palm-sized gadget covered in soft-touch silicone, that feels comfortable to touch.

What it does is, to put it simply, help you clean your face better.

The Foreo Luna 3 operates using up to 8000 sonic pulses, which they say, cleanses your skin better and more deeply. This ensures that your skin is clean, and your pores are cleaned of sweat, dirt and makeup.

So, basically, it helps you wash your face. But is it any good?

foreo luna 3

A comfortable size

I must admit that the size surprised me the first time I held it. It is rather large for someone with smaller hands like mine.

The surface area of the bristles however, is quite large, and the stiffness decreases from top to bottom. The bristles at the top are thicker and longer, and a little more stiff. The ones at the bottom are shorter and significantly softer.

How to use the Foreo Luna 3?

Interestingly, you must download the Foreo app before you first use it, as the gadget will pair to the app. This allows you to control the intensity of the pulses from your phone. I left it on default, to see how it works.

The Foreo Luna 3 comes charged out of the box, and it is supposed to be able to last up to 650 uses after each charge, which means I won’t be charging it up for a long long time LOL! But it does come with a charger. Be sure you keep it somewhere safe because you won’t need it for a while (I might have lost mine already!).

First, apply some facial cleanser on the gadget. I find that it is better to use a little more cleanser than you normally will, to provide a better cushion for the brush.

To use, hold down the power button at the back of the gadget. A light comes on at the base of the gadget, and it will begin to pulse/vibrate.

Place the silicone brushes against your skin, and run it gently over your face. It will run for 1 minute, as that’s how long it takes to properly wash your face, they say.

At 15 second increments, you will feel a slight change in the vibration, to indicate that you can move on to a new part of your face to clean.

If you have ever used the Clarisonic in the past, I find this similar in function. The difference lies in the fact that you don’t need to replace any brush heads, and that it doesn’t rotate/brush against your skin.

But it’s a little bit of a moot point now that Clarisonic has shuttered 😛

foreo luna 3

Does the Foreo Luna 3 clean your face better?

To be perfectly honest, it’s hard to say.

You see, I use a face cloth/flannel to wash my face in the evenings. I’ve been doing so for years, and truth to tell, it serves me well.

I have also used the Clarisonic in the past, which destroyed my skin due to over-exfoliation.

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Understandably therefore, I have been very leery of trying the Foreo Luna 3. I was afraid of over-exfoliating my skin again, and then having to repair it.

But I can safely say that I don’t think this will happen, because the bristles of the Foreo Luna 3 does not go over your skin repeatedly like a brush. It will vibrate/pulse against your skin, but not ‘brush’ it.

I did find that my skin felt a little cleaner and smoother to the touch, but it was a little illusory, as it feels that way after every wash with a flannel. I have however been told by many people who don’t otherwise use a flannel, that their skin feels very clean and smooth after using the Foreo.

I do however find that if I use the Foreo Luna 3 daily, my skin will feel much drier. For this reason, I choose to use it just 3 times a week. On days that I use the Luna 3, I don’t double cleanse.

It does leave my skin feeling clean, especially if I’ve had a long sweaty day.

Does it clean my skin better than using my hands, as they claim?

I’d say it’s debatable. If you massage your skin enough during the cleansing process and use proper, good quality cleansers, I reckon you’d get it clean enough on a daily basis. If you are the splash and go sort of person, then yes, the Foreo Luna 3 will force you to slow down and get your skin cleaner.

Does it clean my skin better than a flannel?

I can’t measure it, but just based on touch, I’d say it’s about the same. My skin feels just as clean after using the flannel as it is when I use the Foreo Luna 3, and it doesn’t feel dry. The benefit using the Luna 3 of course, is that I don’t have to have a fresh piece of flannel daily.

The down-side of course, is the cost.

foreo luna 3

Is the Foreo Luna 3 worth the money?

Well, that’s a challenging question.

The Foreo Luna 3 retails at RM920 | US$199. That is A. LOT. OF. MONEY.

Is it worth that money?

It depends on how badly you want it, and often you’d use it.

If you have wanted it, and are looking for ways to justify owning it, you already know the answer. Buy it.

But if you are on the fence, I’d say it depends a lot on your habits and how you currently wash your face.

If you don’t double-cleanse in the evening, and don’t use proper cleansers, or are the sort who’d crumple your face at the thought of cleaning your face at the end of the day, no matter what time it is, then the Foreo Luna 3 may be the gadget you need. One minute to get your face properly clean, before you put on your skincare.

However, if you are a little more conscientious, then it might eventually turn out to be a white elephant, if you don’t use it daily. I belong in this category.

My suggestion if you are in this latter category, is to try out a month of using a flannel first. If you can use a flannel every evening to clean your face, but want something a little more convenient, then you may be ready to invest in a Foreo Luna 3.

If you find yourself slacking after a while, then it might end up being a waste of money. Ultimately, you should be your own best judge of character.

Having tried the Foreo Luna 3, I’d say it’s a gadget that I might have caved and purchased about 10-15 years ago, and have oilier skin. I find gadgets like this are great for oily skin, as it helps clean the skin better.

Today, it’s not one I’d purchase, simply because I know that I won’t get as much benefit out of it. I am happy using my flannels, which don’t cost very much.

You’d have to make this decision yourself 🙂


The Foreo Luna 3 is a single-unit gadget with soft silicone bristles that vibrates/pulses against your skin, to clean it. It takes 1 minute to clean your skin, and it does leave the skin feeling clean and smooth. I do however find that it does leave my skin feeling a little drier if I use it too regularly. Those with oily or combination skin may appreciate it better, and may even derive more benefit from it. It is however an expensive gadget, so think wisely before investing.

No replaceable parts
Easy to use
Skin does feel clean and smooth after 1 minute
Does not over exfoliate the skin

Pricey gadget
Daily use leaves my skin feeling dry
May end up being a white elephant

WHO WILL LIKE THIS: Anyone who finds washing their face a chore

PRICE: RM920 | US$199

WHERE TO BUY: Foreo website (ships internationally), Sephora

Do you own any Foreo facial cleansing gadgets? Has it been on your mind to get one?

I know of people who rave about it, and how transformative it has been, so I’m not about to put it down. It is a decent facial cleansing gadget, if you’re into things like that. I’m just not really 😛 But tell me if it’s worked for you!

Paris B

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