Guys who use the BarxBuddy dog training device properly, and who train their dogs away from annoying or disruptive habits, notice that well-behaved dogs can basically go anywhere, at any time. If you have a dog that can’t stop barking, it can be a total pain to bring them to the park or try to sit at an outdoor restaurant with them.

Guys who use the BarxBuddy pet trainer are able to bring their pup just about anywhere, which is great for socializing your dog, but also means the owner has much more freedom.

Guys with dogs can be like catnip: totally irresistible. When a guy is with a dog, it can show their soft side, their firm side, and just how lovable they can be. But what about if a dog isn’t well behaved? 

Well, if a guy has a dog who is flying off the handle, it may be more of a headache than anything else. But it’s not just guys. Anyone can struggle with training their dog. 

More and more dog owners have been turning to BarxBuddy pet trainer, a new and handy training device, that enables you to train your dog in a harmless way, right from the comfort of your own home. 

The BarxBuddy pet trainer is a hand-held dog training device, which works by emitting an ultrasonic tone to get your dog’s attention and create the perfect training opportunity. Here are four things we learned from guys who use the BarxBuddy dog training device.


Correcting unpleasant training habits from your own home has never been easier

Guys who use the BarxBuddy pet trainer are able to train their own dogs, on their own time, right from their home. This is pretty rare in the world of dog training, because typically, an owner will take their dog to outside classes for training, and it has a bunch of benefits. 

Firstly, BarxBuddy is much more affordable than costly outside training classes, which can quickly add up. Next, when a guy is the one in charge of the training, their dog is much more likely to respond to them and retain the training.

Dog training at home can be consistent

One of the best parts about the BarxBuddy pet trainer is that keeping the device in your home allows every family member to partake in the training, and in a consistent way. When you train your dog outside of the house, not only is someone else leading the training, but then the owner has to reintegrate those training practices into the home. 

It’s not an easy transition and can be even tougher when other people live in the home. But with BarxBuddy, everyone can easily use the device.

Dog training devices can be harmless

There are plenty of dog training devices on the market, but BarxBuddy is one that is harmless to dogs. It works by emitting an ultrasonic noise, which simply gets your dog’s attention, and interrupts their wild barking or other behavior.

It doesn’t hurt them at all, and humans can’t even hear it. Many of the other training devices on the market, like shock and prong collars, work by using a physical sensation, which can be painful for your dog.


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