Well well it’s MAY already, which I can’t believe it because that means summer is essentially here and we’re getting that much close to baby. I’m not going to lie I’m bummed out I’ll miss out on deliciously cool margaritas during the warm days but I want to try some tasty lemonade recipes to make up for it! I’m hoping to start noshing on some more fruit to help curb some of these sugar cravings and increase my water intake. There isn’t much going on that has been super noteworthy as most days look like the last but my nephew was born a few weeks ago and we are all smitten. He is beyond precious and I’m so excited that our children will be so close in age and can grow up building a great relationship!

In other light news I’ve started a new book series (after some continually nudging by some friends) and so far so good! I also recently made this Summer Pesto Pasta Salad and was pleasantly surprised how good it was (would be super tasty with feta I think!). Anything new with y’all? Reading anything good? Cooking anything fun? Going anywhere exciting?


  • Finish at least one fiction book and read more in one of my pregnancy/labor/mom books
  • Practice stretches daily.
  • Settle on a crib selection
  • Try 2 new recipes

Consuming | I’m trying to get back on the wagon of consuming more vegetables. I’ve gone back to my recipe posts and have been roasting a lot of veggies to eat over a bed of greens or with meat and will more than likely start adding them to wraps again. I’ve also been consuming A LOT of pregnancy / labor / motherhood information and it’s a double edged sword of helpful and nerve wracking haha.

Exploring | We haven’t done much outdoor exploring because honestly we still keep our distance from crowds. I’ve been doing A LOT of online exploring of what all to buy for the baby (crib, chair, bassinet, clothing, etc).

Getting | I’ve been doing a fair amount of online shopping the last few months and I’m also gathering things for wishlists! Some of my recent FAVORITED purchases have been this pet hair roller (no more sticky replacements, and this one actually works!!), more smart plugs to have in the nursery so we can turn lights on using Alexa / an app, this dress was a great buy for the warm summer months coming ahead; It’s so flowy and light! I’ve also been using my booty bands often in pelvic floor strengthening workouts. Heck I’m just going to list a few things below that we’ve been loving lately!

Hoping | To start putting more positive thoughts, affirmations, and practices into my daily walk and mind. Having a mind that easily wavers towards anxiety means I need to essentially work out my brain to build up those positivity muscles so I can focus on the GOOD that pregnancy and motherhood can bring vs always focussing on the fear. I’m also hoping to dive back into the Bible on a more consistent basis to strengthen my foundation and heart.

Seeing | What home projects we can get done before baby arrives in a few months. Our to do list is pretty long and if we are unable to get to most that’s totally ok but I would love to get a lot accomplished.

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