It’s been about three months (whoops) since my last currently & monthly goals check in back in May. My bad, but let’s keep it real there hasn’t been a ton of motivation once social distancing really settled in for goal setting.

As I’m sitting here writing this the kittens and myself are isolated to the den/fireplace/sunroom. We’re getting our entire upstairs ductwork replaced as well as the HVAC split unit today and my upstairs is so hot/humid/and sticky from the humidity of no AC up there. It doesn’t help that it’s currently 90 degrees with a heat index over 100. If you remember we had to completely remove and re-do the entire downstairs ductwork and HVAC unit. We are bleeding money right now but it’s part of home ownership nad despertately needed to be done.


  • Try 3 new recipes
  • Finish/Read 2 books
  • Practice yoga/stretching 3x a week
  • Try to plan at least one socially distanced friend date

Appreciating | Quality time with others. Eddie’s military restrictions have lifted slightly and we are finally able to do a few things that we haven’t been able to do for months. I’m so thankful for the sweet visits we’ve been able to spend with family and a few friends. I’m looking forward to broadening our circle as we move along and can’t wait for full on bear hugs and hours of chill nights and conversations. I just miss it so much, don’t we all?

Anticipating | A small trip. Eddie and I are trying to figure out a small just-us trip where we can get out of our normal space and drive to a secluded area for a change of scenery. Everything we’ve looked at so far is pretty booked up so I’m hoping we can find the right place for a small moment of change.

Collecting | Ideas for house projects. We’ve got a few things we (ahem, mainly me) want to cross off the list and I’m scouring blogs, pinterest, and instagram for images that grab my attention. After our big stuff (aka the upstairs HVAC & duct work that is happening today, the outside wood rot, and the harry potter closet turned pantry) is crossed off I am planning on FINALLY painting our upstairs guest bath, changing out some of the fixtures, and *hopefully* removing the glass shower sliding doors (ugh!).

Starting | I got a new cookbook yesterday called Meals That Heal and I’m super impressed by it. Not only is it a great amount of delicious and easy looking recipes but there is so much nutritional education and advice which I love! I’m definitely going to make a few recipes out of this bad boy for my monthly goals!

Finishing | Reading Midnight Sun! I’ve been taking my sweet time reading it because I know it’s a one and done and I just am not ready for it to end again. Edwards perspective is just so fun!

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