Happy May friends! There was so much that was supposed to be happening this month and now it’s not and that’s sad. Eddie was supposed to go on an epic fishing trip in Panama and one of my besties was going to come to Charleston from Washington to stay with myself and our third friend and we were going to have the most amazing ladies long weekend and obviously it all got canceled / rescheduled. It’s sad and hard and frustrating so I’m trying to process all of that while working on finding that good stuff that can unfold every day.

I finally did a face mask last night and it was glorious. I had spent the day with my toes in the sand and soaking up sunshine and I was sun-tired and needing a little extra umpfh. It was honestly a great weekend and I am looking forward to another one soon.


Whoops, I haven’t done one of these since January, so sorry friends!

  • Continue stretching & get back into a fitness routine
    I definitely did more of this in January. I did lots of walking and kept my stretching game going strong!
  • Cook more! (try at least 2 new recipes)
    I can’t remember which recipes I tried but I definitely made MORE than 2!
  • Read 2 books
    Yes! I read Never Have I Ever and Field Notes On Love, both were super fun!


  •  Keep up with running 2 miles a week (having to start back slowly from my hip injury)
  • Hit a min. of 10-14k steps Monday – Friday
  • 10 Minute daily yoga workout videos
  • Other workout videos 3x a week
  • Get dressed in real clothes (aka no lounge or workout wear) 3x during the work week 
  • Finish 2 books 
  • Practice anxiety coping mechanisms 
  • Finish the office so I can get back into it for working

LOVING | This “Social Distancing” sweatshirt because it looks so cozy and perfect for right now. I’m also really loving this Ew, David hat (if you’re a Schitt’s Creek fan you get it!).

READING | Just finished Emergency Contact and am currently reading The Southern Book Club’s Guide To Slaying Vampires and it’s based in Charleston, SC (my city!) so that’s really fun!

WRITING | Honestly, not much. I’ve struggled with getting onto this space and creating content. I actually have around 20 draft posts with titles and ideas but I just can’t seem to bring myself to make it all happen. I’m hoping to spend some time this week to crank out those drafts so I can have some content to post. I miss the outlet and I miss connecting with others.

WISHING | For more family/friend time. I miss that in-person hangout with every person I want to. We are slowly spending time with people other than just the 2 of us and it’s a weird process but t’s nice to have some normalcy.

PLANNING | A dream future vacation, whatever that looks like. We were talking with my brother & sister-in-law about maybe trying to plan a mountain getaway in the fall. We were supposed to all do an international vacation together and since the whole pandemic happened that’s obviously not happening haha.

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