Who’d a thunk it? Hello Kitty has her own pasta sauce!

I have to preface this by saying that I haven’t done much shopping out of the house over the past six months, so other than regularly scheduled trips to Trader Joe’s, Target and a couple of trips to the Novato Sports Basement, my retail experience as of late has been limited…so maybe that’s why going to the Cost Plus World Market store in Santa Rosa last weekend was like a world tour of international travel!

I felt like Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory. Everything was sparkly and new, and everywhere I turned, I saw something I’d never seen before!

So, weird thing about Cost Plus World Market? They have so many Hello Kitty items. Who knew? I certainly didn’t.

hello kitty olive oil
Kinda wishing I bought this

If I were an elementary school student, this is what a well-stocked adult kitchen would look like: Hello Kitty olive oil, Hello Kitty pasta sauce, Hello Kitty pasta, Hello Kitty ramen noodles, Hello Kitty soy sauce and Hello Kitty green tea matcha marshmallows…

hello kitty organic pasta
Super cute!
hello kitty soy sauce
Low-key kicking myself for not buying this
hello kitty cookies
hello kitty pink bottles
I have a feeling this might be sake? Or vinegar. LOL!
hello kitty matcha marshmallows
I wonder what these would taste like in s’mores!
hello kitty chocolate pie
Yay or nay?
hello kitty chocolate marshmallow
I feel like these could be potentially pretty gross…
hello kitty drink
Feeling thirsty?
hello kitty mustache candy
In case you’ve ever wondered what Hello Kitty looks like with a ‘stache…

Basically, if you can dream up a Hello Kitty-related food item, you can probably find it at Cost Plus World Market. I had no idea Miss Kitty’s reach extended so far into the culinary world.

I was most impressed by the variety of noodles. Miss K is all about the carbs…

hello kitty dried noodles
Just in case you need ALL THE NOODLES
hello kitty dried noodles
Get a little closer.

hello kitty dried noodles 3
Is he rolling his eyes?

hello kitty dried noodles 5
Did you have that one friend who was all about My Melody?
hello kitty dried noodles 5
Mystery noodles!

Oh yeah, Cost Plus also carries the standard-issue Hello Kitty pencil cases, sticker books, notebooks and water bottles, too.

hello kitty water bottles
My tiny little masked ballerina!
hello kitty sticker books
Sooo, I kinda wanted these for myself, hahaha!
hello kitty cookie jars
Cookie jar or cat treat jar?

Ultimately, I didn’t buy anything Hello Kitty related while I was there because I mainly went to get a big bag of tagliatelle pasta (I want to make this recipe), and because I needed to distract myself after an incident at a nearby Pier 1.

Yes, I had my first (and presumably last) meltdown at a Pier 1 store last weekend, complete with tears, blubbering and everything. I totally lost my sh*t at the cash wrap in front of the whole store. YUP.

pier 1 mothers day gift card
The gift card that didn’t happen…

Let me back up a bit… First, Pier 1 is going out of business in the US, and the last remaining open one is the one in Santa Rosa across the street from the Cost Plus, and that’s actually why we went to Santa Rosa in the first place, so that I could *finally* use a circa 2018 Mother’s Day gift card I’d been saving for a rainy day for years.

After scouring the store’s wares for about 30 minutes, I decided on a wobbly side table.

The Pier 1 tables that pushed me over the edge

I made my way to the front registers to buy it, and that’s when I was told that the entire Pier 1 chain of stores was no longer accepting gift cards.

The last day to use them was a few days earlier…aaaaaaaand so I burst into tears. LOL.

Let it be known that it is totally possible to cry in a mask.

Is it a fun experience?

No. But at least I can cross it off my bucket list. Sigh… I’ve been feeling a little fragile lately (Pandemic blues…you know how it is.), and the fact that I couldn’t use the gift card just pushed me over the edge. I had gotten my hopes up, and it felt like I was throwing money out the window.

But, ya know, it is what it is.

Anyway, because of that, when I left the store, I went straight over to Cost Plus World Market to drown my sorrows. So, I would never have discovered that Cost Plus is the secret headquarters of all things Hello Kitty if it hadn’t been for Pier 1. Yay for silver linings. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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