Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Spring Fashion

Farida Khelfa Wants to Challenge the Image of Middle Eastern Women

It came as no surprise to see Farida Khelfa sitting in the front row at last week’s fashion shows in Paris, with her signature chopped haircut and wide smile. Two of the biggest...

Is Phoebe Philo Fashion’s Most Misunderstood Designer?

Last week, Phoebe Philo announced her return to the world of fashion with an eponymous brand that will launch early next year, nearly four years after she left LVMH-owned Celine in the hands...

This Is Already the Coolest Nail Trend of 2021

There has been a noticeable shift in the types of manicures that I've spotted on Instagram lately. Gone are the neutral colours and basic shades that all the chicest women...

I Hate to Say It, But Y2K Sunglasses Are Officially "It"

I won't lie, I've feared this day ever since I heard rumblings of the early-aughts resurgence that's now descended upon the fashion world. I watched while...

Adrift in the Venetian Lagoon

Was it the Anne Rice-style casting? Or the banal installation by the artist Doug Aitken? Was it the anachronistic clothes themselves, with their lazy nods to other eras and periods, that left a...

The Gallic Allure of Jacques Marie Mage Sunglasses

When Jerome Mage was starting his sunglasses line, in 2015, no one wanted to invest in it. Its name, Jacques Marie Mage, was a mouthful, they said, and the eyewear market was already...

In Fashion's Fan Fiction Era, Kiko Kostadinov Thinks For Himself

In recent years, our visual world has been ruled by a pack of designers and creatives I’ve come to think of loosely as fanfic auteurs. Think of A$AP Mob, echoing Wu-Tang. Matthew Williams...

Let's Take 5 to Fully Appreciate Jennifer Lopez in This Crystal-Studded Bikini, Shall We?

Did your thermometer just spontaneously combust because the temperature got too steep to even register? You can thank Jennifer Lopez for that. The multihyphenate released her "Cambia el Paso" music video on Thursday...
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