Your clothing
choices and style say a lot about who you are and where your priorities lie.
When you step out into the world you project the best image of yourself in a
way that speaks of success and enlightened sensibilities. But when you have
guests, do you send a different message. When people enter your personal space
are you as successful in communicating your taste and style. It can be difficult
to be switched on and edgy, when you live in a cosy bungalow, or a home with
design cues from the 80’s. Most residences are designed for families, and more
specifically, for moms, or moms to be. Building is a business, and the single
businessman is a small market. If you own your property, you can rectify this deficiency.
Here are some tips for hardening up your home.

Surfaces: Home builders intentionally add design
touches that soften up the look. Drywall and carpeting and warm hued laminate
floors. Everything cosy and snug. This is the safe place, and it sells a lot of
homes. If you are going to modernise your space, the place to begin is with the
basics. Minimize the amount of plain drywall you have; bring in some stone or
slate cladding tiles for exterior walls, but use it on feature walls inside. Knock
out as many unnecessary walls as you can and paint the rest in neutral tones.
Change your electrical fixtures from cheap plastic, to something more
industrial. You might want to expose your outer walls to see if you have some
brick or concrete to work with.

There is only
one way to go with the colours, and that it to rely heavily on neutral tones
and then accent with great restraint. Splashes of colour can be added with your
art, and your prized possessions. Everything pops against greys and moody cool
tones. If your taste tends towards warmer tones. Then the answer would be to
stick with industrial themes, exposed brick and beams will allow a lighter
palette without giving the place too much of a farmhouse appeal.

Furniture: I think most of us can spot modern
furniture when we see it. Stressed leather chairs, hard, angular looks. Lots of
steel, preferably not chrome. Quirky pieces that seem to have a history. And
long couches with low backs, for entertaining, or power naps. Seek out geometric shapes utilised in clever ways,
and items with bolts and rivets exposed and unashamed.

Lighting: Lighting is the most powerful tool to
enhance modernity. Technology has blessed us with some incredible
functionality. Install a fully integrated and hidden LED lighting system
that illuminates strategic features and your ceilings in whatever colour you
choose from your phone. Add industrial fixtures for balance.

Nearly any space
can be rescued from a maternal safe place to an eclectic modern dwelling. You
just need to have the courage to deconstruct and rebuild. If interior design is
not your forte, you will find that most designers would jump the chance to
change a space from boring and safe, to refined and edgy.


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