When you are out on the road during a storm or at night, having high-quality, bright headlights can be a lifesaver (literally in some cases). So, you likely want to make sure that your vehicle has good headlights. Fortunately, they are relatively easy to change. While you may not want to switch the whole assembly, you can always look for higher-end replacement headlight bulbs.

Types of Headlights

There are a few types of headlights that are common. It is important to know which you have and whether there are some alternative types available for your car:

Halogen: These standard headlights are relatively inexpensive. Good-quality bulbs can last for several thousand hours. However, this technology is fairly outdated and there are a lot of possible improvements.

HID (Xenon): During the early 2000s, these started to get very popular in luxury cars. They produce more intense light and can be colored more easily. They are more expensive but also last longer than halogen.

LED: Starting around 2008, light-emitting diodes became popular as headlights. They are among the most common choice now. They are very bright and can last for an impressively long time. However, they don’t have bulbs, so you have to replace or fix the full light if one burns out.

Laser: As of around 2018, some luxury cars started receiving laser headlights. They are very bright (as you may expect) and are seen as the next step up from LED. These have to be completely replaced if they go out.

How To Order Replacement Bulbs

You can easily order replacement headlight bulbs from auto parts retailers. If you are concerned about going to stores due to COVID-19 or just want a more convenient shopping experience, consider ordering online and choosing curbside pickup for auto parts. It is an easier way to get the parts you need while also staying safe. Retailers such as AutoZone have been very proactive about this.

Also, you can use major retail brand websites to find the right parts for your vehicle. Simply filter by make, model, year and engine to find the parts you need.

How To Replace Headlight Bulbs

The steps for replacing headlight bulbs depend on your vehicle. You can find the specifics in the service manual for your car or truck. However, the process is typically more or less the following:

1. Disconnect the battery negative terminal.

2. Locate the headlight within the engine compartment.


Loosen any retaining screws or bolts keeping the light or lightbulb assemble in place, depending on what you are replacing.


If replacing the full light, lift it out and disconnect the headlight cable. If only replacing the bulb, unscrew the assembly and disconnect the cable.


Connect the new part to the cable and position it.


Tighten all fasteners.


Reconnect the battery and check that the lights work.

Get Started Today

Do you need to replace your car headlights? Explore your options to find bright, long-lasting bulbs or headlights. With the above tips, you can find the perfect lights and replace them at home.


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