Bobo Choses is going viral with a series of dance stories on Instagram in honour of the new collection A Dance Romance. Several members of the Bobo Choses community have been selected to dance and show off the new Spring Summer collection entitled « Dance Romance ». We are loving the fun vibe and energy and how Bobo Choses shows off the joyful world of dance.

« Children are very passionate about dancing. They know there isn’t a right way and a wrong way, but just your own way. Dancing gives us a feeling of happiness; makes ourselves feel confident and becomes a way to express what we cannot put into words. Let yourself go to the rhythm, dance and feel happy! »

An added + to the Bobo Choses collection:

  • 62% is made with organic cotton
  • 91% of the fabrics are cellulosic.
  • 93% of the Spring Summer 2020 production is locally made (74%
  • in Spain and 19% in Portugal)
  • Happiness for kids ages 0 – 11 years old.

Bobo Choses, It’s a Dance Romance

Here are a few of Yoyo Mom’s favorite pieces from the Dance Romance collection.

Bobo Choses, It’s a Dance Romance
Bobo Choses, It’s a Dance Romance

Stay tuned… The Women’s Spring Summer 2020 Growing Young collection is also coming out soon!

Bobo Choses - Dance Romance - Growing Young
Bobo Choses - Dance Romance - Growing Young

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