Happy New Years Eve, as I’m at home getting ready to bring in the New Year at home in style. Today I did Blingy New Years Nails since I wanted something over the top to celebrate 2020 ending.

About the Mani

I  used Orly Nail Tip Primer and iGel Base Coat as the foundation of my mani. Two coats of Orly Builder in a Bottle were used to build up the nails so I could apply full coverage tips. The full coverage tips I used today are ENC Mini Sculpture Coffin. IGel No Wipe Jewelry Gel was used for the gems and iGel No Wipe Top Coat to finish the nails.

This was my first time using the ENC Mini Sculpture Coffin tips. I like how ENC tips have so many sizes and they’re in individual bags so that the tips don’t get mixed together. These tips feel more flimsy than my Kiara Sky or Apres tips, but their packaging doesn’t end up with the tips getting mixed together, which happens with my Kiara Sky tips. I will be buying the Kiara Sky Short Coffin Tips whenever they come back into stock.

When I tried to file the inside of my ENC Mini Sculpture Coffin tips, the same way I have my Kiara Sky Short Almond and Kiara Sky Short Stiletto, the ENC tip cracked and had weird chunks come out of it, so I gave up on that. Instead, to prep these I wiped the inside by the cuticles with alcohol and then used the Orly Nail Tip Primer inside.

Need a tutorial on how to apply full coverage tips? Here’s my How to DIY Gel Nails at Home!

Blingy New Years Nails

Black and Silver Nail Art Mani

I’m right hand dominant. I find it easier to do less fancy nail art on my right hand. I used 3 coats of Madam Glam Earth Day Everyday on my thumb. I did 2 coats of Madam Glam Perfect Black on the rest of my nails. I did a thin coat of Earth Day Everyday on my pinky to add some sparkle there. I dotted Earth Day Everyday on my ring, middle and index fingers by the cuticles, then used a striping brush to drag out a little bit of the glitter. Star gems were used on the ring and index finger, while a moon gem was used on the middle finger.

Black and Silver Nail Art Mani

Blingy New Years Nails

For my left hand, I went a little crazy with the AB gems and stars. I used the same moon shape on my middle finger, and a 5 point star on my ring and index. The thumb and pinky are the same as my right hand. I used these tiny AB sprinkles, moons, and stars. I can’t find the exact same kit I bought that had red and purple AB stars I used, but I did find these purple stars and these red stars.

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What I’m Doing for New Years

This year for New Years Eve, Dave and I are doing takeout sushi from my favorite local sushi place, Bangkok Sushi. I’ve got a bottle of champagne for us and special dog treats for Amaya and Nyx. We’ll be having a glass of champagne at midnight to celebrate. Until then, we’re binging on the newest season of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and playing World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

Dave and I are patiently waiting to get our COVID vaccinations. We will be getting them as soon as our doctor tells us they are available to us. Until then, we’re staying in at home. I use Instacart for grocery delivery or do curbside pickup at places but I don’t go shopping indoors. We don’t eat indoors at restaurants, we don’t go to parties or host parties. We’ve been doing this since March 2020, I figure we can continue to stay safe at home until we get our vaccination and booster.

I love you all and I’m wishing you a safe and happy New Year! May it be filled with amazing and positive things. Thank you for making it through 2020 with me.

How are you celebrating New Years safely this year?



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