It can be hard to figure out how to have the perfect party for the birthday boy or birthday girl!  Kids vary so much in their interests, and each age comes with it’s own set of challenges.  The key to a great birthday party is to plan ahead, and to keep it simple and fun.  Sometimes less is more when it comes to parties, and a great theme with a few party games and cool decorations can take the party to the next level, and take the stress out of party planning.

Having a party theme for the big day makes the party more exciting for guests, and helps them know what to expect.  It’s also a lot of fun for kids to pick an theme, and it lets them show off their personalities. Themes can also gives guests an idea about what type of gifts your child might like, and what they’re into.

When party decorations and games are centered around a theme it makes planning the party easier because you have a focus. Sometimes choosing a theme can be hard, but there are so many creative ideas out there for inspiration!  Check out this Parents blog for some great party ideas, and this HGTV blog for simple, no-stress party themes that every kid will love. 

Remember, there’s no limit to your creativity when picking a theme!  One year my toddler was obsessed with Hot Wheels, Thomas the Train and the Cars movie…so we combined all those ideas and made our theme transportation vehicles.  We had cars and trains everywhere, and we put out a train table and some Hot Wheels tracks, and all of his toddler friends rejoiced. 

I also have three boys with the same birthday, yep my twins were born on my older son’s birthday.  So, finding a theme for a combined party can get tricky.  One year they all wanted a party based on different superheroes, so we kept our party crafts to making capes and designing face masks, and each kid got to pick a special superhero for their cupcake toppers.  One year our theme was animals and robots, which sounds weird, but turned out to be the most fun ever.  The kids got really creative and the games were wildly imaginative.  As a mom, it’s not a theme that I would have chosen, but the kids had the best time ever!


1. Camping Theme- nature scavenger hunt, making s’mores, woodland creature impressions contest, make a scout badge pillow, hang out in tents, and give binoculars and flashlights as party gifts.

2. Pajama Party- pop some popcorn and play a favorite movie, hang out and paint nails, have fun desserts, wear matching pajamas, eat a donut cake!

3. Bake Shop Party- decorate cupcakes, wear chef aprons, sample all the sweets, and have fun with frosting.

4.  Mermaid or Shark Party- mermaids and sharks are hugely popular, and it’s easy to find mermaid and shark themed decor and gifts, pool toys, towels, and water game ideas.  Check out our Beach and Pool Floats for inspiration!

5. Star Wars- popular with boys and girls, little Jedi can wear robes, bring light sabers, and work on training drills and run through Jedi obstacle courses.  

6. Karaoke Party- kids of all ages like this one, but especially tween girls. Put out some snacks, get a karaoke machine, and sing and dance the day away.

7.  Baseball Theme- kids can wear jerseys, eat Cracker Jacks and peanuts, play a game of catch or hit the ball around, and cheer for home team.

8.  Mad Science- there are all kinds of at home experiments that are easy to find and kid friendly, plus you can have fruit molecules, monster burgers, and make scientist ID badges.

9.  Spa Day-  Paint nails, put on temporary tattoos, have a hair station, do face masks, sip on smoothies, and end with lots of little cupcakes.  We have non-toxic nail polish and temporary tattoos that kids love in our unique kids’ gift shop!

10. Luau Party- this is fun with or without a pool, you can learn to hula dance, have a water balloon toss, eat pineapple and fun tropical smoothies, and listen to Hawaiian music or the Moana sound track.

Girls singing at a karaoke party for tweens.


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