I am not a huge fan of Bath and Body Works Candles come fragrance. They’ve done with with thing where they take everyone’s favorite candle scent and make it into a Fragrance and Body Collection but it always seems like it doesn’t quite work for me. For example, Bath & Body Works Sweater Weather is fab as a candle but as a fragrance line? Not so much.

I’m also going to throw it out there for everyone to hate all over me but Cherry Merlot doesn’t really quite translate all that great in a Fine Fragrance Mist.

Bath and Body Works Champagne Toast happens to be a great candle. It reminds me a bit of Lush Snow Showers! Bright, citrus-y, effervescent, bubbly, happy! But again, it doesn’t quite translate as well to a fragrance. That being said, the Fine Fragrance Mist does at least smell like the candle just not as strong. It’s a bit of a lightweight compared to the candle version but none the less still a very popular fragrance.

I have to admit I’m pretty excited they made it into a perfume. There’s now a mini perfume available in Champagne Toast and I’m hoping that it translates a bit heavier in a EDP formula. Sadly, it’s mini only at the moment. I have no idea if Bath and Body Works ever plans to release a larger version of it as they tend to release these little mini perfumes here and there that never make it to a 1.7 oz bottle.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t smell all that great so we aren’t too disappointed by the tiny little 7ML spray. On the other hand, if it proves popular enough maybe Bath and Body Works will hear our pleas for a larger bottle.

Bath and Body Works Champagne Toast Perfume is available now online.

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