If there’s one thing I’ve never had to worry about for coming on 8 years now, it’s owning a comb. I don’t comb my hair. I haven’t, for many, many years.

I’m quite lucky that I not only have short hair, but fairly obedient hair that falls into place quickly once I run my fingers through it. It’s my, if you would pardon the cliche, crowning glory 😀

But everything changed when the pandemic hit, and hairdressers were shut, before I could go for my monthly trim. Suddenly, my hair was growing out of control. I haven’t cut my hair for almost 4 months!

Some time while locked-down, MCO Mate unearthed an old comb of his, because I didn’t have one. “And you’re the beauty blogger!” he chided 😛

My reaction when I saw it, was disbelief. “You actually bought an Acca Kappa comb?!” I cried. MCO Mate isn’t given to luxury spending, hence my disbelief 😛

Acca Kappa, for the uninitiated, is an Italian brand of personal grooming products with a long lineage, and as combs and hair brushes go, is pretty expensive. The Fine Tooth Comb here for example, retails at about €23.50, which is something I’d never have paid for a comb.

So I had a little laugh, and I ribbed him about it, but one day, after washing my hair, I decided to try it. What did I have to lose?! 😛

Well, as it turns out, I had to eat humble pie 😛

acca kappa fine tooth comb

As hair combs go, the Acca Kappa Fine Tooth Comb is simple. It’s just a wooden fine-tooth comb with a handle. You pick it up as you would any comb, and run it through your hair, as you would any comb.

But what I noticed was that it didn’t pull nor tug on my hair as much as my old plastic comb did. Do bear in mind that my experience with combs is not very wide LOL! 😛

It quickly separated and disentangled wet hair, and prevented it from tangling as it dried.

I also noticed that due to it being made of wood, the Acca Kappa Fine Tooth Comb did not create a lot of static as I ran it through my hair, so it did not cause it to go frizzy. This especially when I comb my dry hair.

In fact, if I didn’t comb my wet hair before letting it air-dry, it would dry in a frizz and I’d look like a lion with a wild mane. After combing, my hair dried more easily, and looked smoother.

acca kappa fine tooth comb

When I shared some thoughts about this on Twitter, I was told that as pricey as it is, the corresponding Acca Kappa Pneumatic Hair Brush is life-changing for those with longer hair.

The problem is, I don’t know where Acca Kappa is sold in Malaysia anymore. I vaguely remember there being a boutique in one of the malls, or a counter in one of the department stores. But I haven’t noticed it in a while.

By way of an alternative, I’m also assured that the Bamboo comb from The Body Shop is also very good. As it is not made of plastic, I expect that it should function the same way as the Acca Kappa comb I tried does.

All that said however, I do not expect having to own a comb again, because I do intend to eventually get my locks chopped off and to maintain the short haircut I’ve sported all this time. So, buying a new comb isn’t high on my priority list, but if I did have to buy one, yes, I’d spring for the Acca Kappa 😀

What do you reckon? Are expensive hair combs worth it?

What’s the most expensive comb/brush you’ve bought and is it worth the money? 😀

Paris B

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