Exciting news! We have our own skin care line, and its first product is (you guessed it) a pimple patch. Below, Charlotte Cho gives us an inside scoop on everything you need to know about The Klog Soft Shield Pimple Patch.


If I could write an ode to pimple patches, it would read like this:

Pimple patches, you’re my trusty companion, you’re a godsend. You are there when things are looking red, inflamed and angry. When I had an important event to go to, you flattened it out of existence, within a day or two. You keep me from picking, from prying. Not at all drying, so accessible, and always so compact, always within reach. If only I had you when I was in my teens…

I know I’m not alone in my love affair for pimple patches. From the intimate conversations I’ve had with our community at our events, from the hundreds of thousands of people who read our acne content on The Klog, and the constant flow of inquiries and reviews of patches we’ve seen on Soko Glam, so many of you consider pimple patches an integral part of your routine. 

That makes sense, because breakouts are not just isolated to a teen skin concern. In fact, 50% of adults 25-45 experience adult acne. That’s not surprising to me, as I can personally speak from experience. When I hit 30, I dealt with a few bad years of hormonal breakouts along my chin and jaw line that made me feel so self conscious and I was desperate for relief, trying and buying anything I could get my hands on to treat it.

One of the trusted tools that I had on my vanity, in my backpack and in my office drawer to treat these breakouts were pimple patches! When I first encountered pimple patches in 2008 while working in Korea at Samsung, these little hydrocolloid stickers were widely used and acceptable to wear even in professional corporate environments because they were fairly translucent. I loved how gentle and effective they were, and it was just a part of your lifestyle with nothing to be self-conscious or ashamed about.

Pimple patches were not mainstream in the western world yet, but through Soko Glam and The Klog, it was one of the product categories we helped popularize starting in 2013. And through 7 years of testing, investigating, using and sharing pimple patches to our community, we are finally excited to introduce you to our very own!

Introducing The Klog Soft Shield Pimple Patch

If you’re new to pimple patches as an acne treatment, we have content on The Klog to explain how they work so you can brush up on this info. But if you’re a veteran pimple patch user, skip ahead to read the details on how Soko Glam Labs made the Soft Shield Pimple Patch to be your next hero acne treatment.
The Klog Soft Shield Pimple Patch Size Comparison

It’s made out of 100% hydrocolloid – Hands down, 100% hydrocolloid is the most effective type of patch. Hydrocolloid material is special because it’s not only breathable but it adheres to healthy skin, which allows the wound or compromised skin to heal. Since acne is technically a wound, this works perfectly for acne and pimples that have come to a head via a whitehead, or inflammatory acne that has pus and other impurities. 

Hydrocolloid is so effective because of how it draws out the impurities to form a gel-like pocket, allowing the wound to stay dry and clean. It’s not a surprise that this very material is often used for surgery and is even technically considered a medical tool, before it became an effective solution for treating acne for all people! So that’s why we decided to not fix what’s not broken by adding unnecessary ingredients, and opted to create a very thin and near-invisible 100% hydrocolloid patch. 

Charlotte Cho with Soft Shield Pimple Patches on Face

3 patches (left) | 8 patches (right)

It has beveled edges – One of the biggest pain points we discussed with our community is that many patches don’t fit well along your nose and chin (and other rounded areas of the face and body – shoulders and arms can also be a frequent acne location). With our beveled edges, it provides a more secure, flexible fit so they stay put for hours. Keep in mind the entire surface area of the patch works to treat the breakout, including the beveled edge.

A pro-tip: No amount of beveled edges will ensure a secure fit if you don’t apply it on clean, dry skin. All pimple patches made out of hydrocolloid material do not work well on damp skin, or over products such as toner, moisturizer, and other skin care products. So, be sure to wait until your routine is complete and skin is dry to the touch before you apply.

The Klog Soft Shield Pimple Patch Size Comparison

It has the perfect combo of sizes that treat regular to large cystic breakouts – This we had to break down to a science. We don’t want you to be forced to purchase separate patch sets depending on how big your breakout is. Our combination of 10mm (30 qty) and 14mm (12 qty) is a winning combo, based on your feedback and your needs. One of my pet peeves were the too-tiny sizes that end up never adhering well to the skin, stick to your finger, or go to waste because they’re simply too small – so we didn’t include any sizes smaller than 10mm. Lastly, we nestled them in a plastic dual-layer shield so that each sheet stays protected and clean for the lifetime of the patch. 

A pro-tip: Apply for 6-8 hours, or until the patch has turned white, and replace with a fresh patch until the breakout has flattened!

Quantity and price is at an everyday price – 42 patches for $6 is one of the best prices out there, considering you get this quantity in a single package. We were very conscious of affordability because acne patch products are honestly more of a daily utility for many. After all, pimple patches are something you can find at the drugstore, and shouldn’t be marked up as a novelty. (And for the rest of The Klog skin care line in the future, we’re committed to keeping the prices as friendly as possible for your wallet, so stay tuned!)

The Bottom Line

We know that acne stems from a variety of reasons, some within your control, and some that are simply based on hormones and genetics. The good news is, maintaining your skin with the right products – such as chemical exfoliants and pimple patches – can be manageable, and The Klog is here to help you get it under control. We’re excited to unveil the Soft Shield Pimple Patch to be your trusted companion and effective treatment solution, and I hope this helps you on your acne journey to clear, healthy skin!

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