They say good things take time. The Song of Style shoes are no different as the team worked on the newest category for almost 10 months. It was a long, rewarding process and it takes a village to transform the ideas into the cute yellow packages you’ll receive. They are more than just a pair of shoes – it’s the whole experience!

SEPTEMBER 2019 -First Sample Review

It all started with Aimee’s ideas and inspirations. She also considered the weather, colors and events that will happening during the season. Then Aimee’s design team helped with sourcing the materials.

During the first sample review meeting, Aimee picked the materials and shoe silhouettes. The team also worked on the small details such as insoles, stamp logos and stitches.

OCTOBER 2019 – First Sample Review Fitting

After a month, a small batch of samples from the vendors arrived. Aimee tried them on and did a little test walk with the sandals. She made adjustments and eliminated styles that did not meet her standards.

Shown above are a few of our favorites! On Aimee from left to right: The Fia Sandal, Nola heel (straps were further modified), and the Gelato Heel (changed to nude and blue).

At the end of the meeting, the team finalized the styles that were further developed.

DECEMBER 2019 – Review Updated Samples

Another batch of samples arrived. This time with the specifications that Aimee had requested from the fitting. This is the final stage before the shoes go into production.

Aimee does a final test on the shoes and proofs the color changes she had made.

MARCH 2020 – Full Collection Arrives in The Office

After a few months in production, the final product with the packaging arrived in the office! The SOS creative team then planned creative ways to present the first SOS shoe collection.

MAY 2020 – Shoe Collection Goes Live

The first Song of Style shoe collection finally launched on Revolve! You can now get your hands on these pairs.

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