Wakey, wakey! Happy Monday!

Summer is here and the humidity is setting in. Gotham is going through some weird weather where it’s beautiful one minute and suddenly we’re having a tornado the next! Yesterday, was a bit rainy and the humidity quickly set in as well as some sun but suddenly, out of no where, BOOM! A big old gusty thunderstorm. I managed to enjoy the weekend anyway rain or not. It’s hard doing all the things you want to do when you have to social distant. I still haven’t seen any of my friends nor my parents and it’s going on four months now. Facetime, text, and Zoom time are about the extend of the personal contact I have with friends and my parents/family. I managed to sneak into Joann’s this weekend and they had a ton of Fall stuff which brought me endless amounts of joy but sadly, I got paranoid as I felt like there were too many people inside the store so I ran out ha…! I also did a little strawberry picking which was a bit sad as I normally do it with my two best friends every year. We always love going together! I would have dragged my boyfriend but he’s back in CA working so I went alone. Sniff! But hey, the strawberries were still delicious even without my besties.

None the less, Summer is creeping in and even though it’s not my season of choice I’m happy to see it arrive as I feel like it was a really, really, really longer Winter.

It’s Monday so, I’m sleepy and zombie-like but as always productive! There’s very little room for procrastination today. I’ve been swamped with work since I got up this morning and there’s no room for sitting around and not getting stuff done. I’m almost half way through my list for the day and it’s only 11AM (this will post is scheduled to go live later today at 2PM so at this point I’m sure I’ll almost be complete with it by that point).

It’s a new week and there’s plenty of new things to love on this bright, sunny Morning!

It’s Summer! Which means I’ve hauled out all my lemon-y Summer home decor. My kitchen has exploded with lemon and lemonade everything. I’ve hauled out some of my favorite Rae Dunn pieces like my Lemonade Pitcher to pair up with these cute glittery lemons I got at Wally World. Today’s love list is filled with the tart goodness of lemons! If I may might I recommend snagging this adorable Lemonade Bird House? My friend texts me last week about it and I quickly snagged it online! I actually didn’t use it outside. I popped it on a shelf in my kitchen! It’s looks adorable with my other lemon themed items.

Tony Moly Eye Everything
My eyes feel extra dry lately so I’ve been trying out some new eye creams and serums. I picked up the new Tony Moly Moisture Boost Cooling Algae Eye Serum (on sale at Ulta) and I’m quite loving it! Great formula that absorbs easily and leaves the skin under my eyes plumped and hydrated! They also have new Moisture Boost Hydrogel Eye Patches which are pretty awesome as well!

INC.redible For The First Time Bounce Blush
Does anyone have a small face? I’m a fluffy girl but my face is apparently small? Because when I wear a mask my entire face is cover except my eyes. So why am I wearing blush!? Eh, I do it to feel pretty. I’m really into the little $10 INC.redible For The First Time Bounce Blush in Natural Finish! It’s a pretty apricot shade that gives my cheeks a healthy flush! No one can see it but it doesn’t transfer to my mask thankfully and it’s super pigmented so a little goes a really long way! Do love!

Duping Rae Dunn
You might know I’m a little (a lot) bit obsessed with Rae Dunn. It’s a serious problem ha…! My friends and family (never mind my BF that just mentally rolls his eyes when I bring a new piece into the house) are always asking me, “Why is everything labeled!?” Listen, I like things that say EAT, DRINK, YUM, it’s cute ok!?!? 😀 My new hobby, thank you quarantine, is creating Rae Dunn dupes. I found an Etsy seller, who’s awesome, that does Rae Dunn labels and I buy different canisters and such and label them however, I want. For example, I recently purchased a candy jar from Amazon and filled it with dishwasher pods and slammed a “DO THE DISHES” label on it. I also created one for my laundry room that says “WASH UP”. Am I a dork? Why, yes, I am! But it’s the little things that bring joy 🙂

Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Haircare
Carol’s Daughter has a new collection if hair care called Goddess Strength which contains castor oil to strengthen hair. Did I mention it smells amazing!? The Leave-In Cream is my new favorite way to detangle my hair! Love!

Do you have a love list?

Do share!

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