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28. Just An Ordinary Day Until…


It was an ordinary day for Darryl Cohen until an unexpected visitor came to his doorstep and gave him a strange bag. Darryl would never have imagined that at this very day his whole life would turn upside down! Click next to find out more!  

27. Who Was The Unexpected Visitor?


Well, when Darryl opened the door he saw his daughter standing there smiling. He was so happy to see her, but why hadn’t she called first and when did she come to town? Many questions were born in Darryl’s head and he couldn’t find a reasonable answer.

26. The Mysterious Package


However, the strangest thing wasn’t that she came to town without telling anyone, but what she was holding. Darryl was looking at his daughter with disbelief and was waiting for an explanation. Click next to find what she was holding!

25. A Bag Of Takeout!


She was holding a delivery take out! Darryl couldn’t understand what all of this meant and why his daughter traveled just to give him a bag of delivery takeout that he didn’t order. However, everything would make sense in the very next minute!  

24. Family Background


Darryl’s family was originally from Orange County in California and they share a strong bond. His wife’s name is Nini and together they have two kids named Grant and Victoria. Darryl often misses his kids as they both are all grown up and they follow their own path.

23. Their Son, Grant


Darryl’s son Grant is a monetization expert who works at many innovative start-ups! He is really successful at his job and he is the co-founder of a very innovative new football league where the audience can choose the strategy of the team for themselves. Are you impressed? But, that’s not all! 

22. A Great Family


Grant isn’t just a successful businessman. He also has a beautiful family. He and his wife, Chanel Mailloux Cohen, have two sons, and a daughter. They are very happy and Darryl is really proud of his son. 

21. His Daughter, Victoria


Victoria chose a different path from the one Grant followed. She studied at Southern Methodist University and was offered a great job at PepsiCo in New York after they were impressed by her work. So, she moved there and started a new life, away from her beloved family. However, she wasn’t satisfied with her life. 

20. Something Was Missing


Even though she became very successful, she wasn’t completely pleased with her life. She tried a different position in her job, but that didn’t make things better, either. So, she decided t leave everything behind and follow her dream job. 

19. The Dream Job 


And what was her dream job? Yoga! This was her passion and she couldn’t wait any longer! 2016 was the year with the most changes for Victoria, as she quit her job, got married, and moved into their brand new home with her husband, Tom Burke!

18. Following Her Passion 


Moreover, she became a full-time yoga instructor! “At that point, I realized what was missing was an outlet to discuss the things I’m passionate about,” she said. However, an even bigger change was on its way and that takes us back to Darryl’s doorstep.

17. Victoria’s Unexpected Visit


As was mentioned earlier, Darryl was spending a typical night with his wife when he heard a knock on the door. There he saw Victoria who had came without telling anyone, standing on his doorstep and holding a bag of takeout, smiling at him.  

16. Very Confused


However, what made things even weirder was that Tom was also there and for some strange reason he was recording the whole thing with his phone. Darryl was very confused and waited for his daughter and son-in-law to explain this strange behavior. 

15. They Never Expected This 


What Victoria said next took him by surprise. He would never expect to hear these words from his daughter and he didn’t know how to react. However Victoria didn’t say much, she just asked a question that left him speechless and enable to say anything! 

14. The Question


The only thing that Victoria asked her father was: “Did someone order Maggiano’s?” while pointing the takeout bag towards him. At first, Darryl was very confused, as all of this had taken him by surprise, but after Victoria repeated the question, he started realizing what was happening. 

13. The Realization 


After realizing what she meant her father was very shocked and he stood there speechless. Darryl shouted from excitement and he couldn’t stop shaking. “Where’s mom, is she here?”, Victoria asked as she wanted to make the same question to her, too.  

12. Nini’s Reaction 


And that’s when her mother came also to the doorstep and before getting over the fact that her daughter had traveled from Chicago to California without saying a word, Victoria made the same question to her. “Did someone order Maggiano’s?”, she asked. Her mother couldn’t believe her ears and along with her husband, they started shouting in excitement. But why did this question made them so happy? 

11. Seven Years Ago


This wasn’t just a meaningless question. Victoria knew that her parents would crack the code and find out the secret message behind it. Seven years ago, started a family tradition. Grant and Chanel announced that Chanel was pregnant at Maggiano’s. But how did it become a tradition?

10. A Tradition 


The fact that made this a tradition was that Grant and Chanel announced their second pregnancy t the exact same place. So, this was an inside joke between the family members and every pregnancy should be announced at Maggiano’s.

9. Third Time 


The funniest thing is that Grant and Chanel wanted to reveal their third pregnancy at Maggiano’s, too but at that specific time, this wasn’t possible. So Grant decided to call his parents and just say: “We’re planning to go back to Maggiano’s.”, and they immediately understood what he meant. 

8. Facing Difficulties


So when Victoria found out that she was pregnant, she knew that she couldn’t break the family tradition, but it would be really difficult, as she was living in Chicago. So, that’s when she thought of the plan. 

7. The Plan


At first, it was really difficult to organize everything perfectly and she and her husband decided that the best way to reveal the pregnancy was to fly to California and surprise Victoria’s parents! When they arrived in California, that’s when the idea came into their mind! 

6. The Surprise


They decided that even though they couldn’t take Victoria’s parents and go to Maggiano’s, because that would reveal the surprise, there was another more unique way to do the pregnancy reveal! 

5. The Takeout


Victoria and Tom decided to buy some food from Maggiano’s and deliver it by themselves to Victoria’s parents’ house. In this way, they would really surprise them. And the plan worked as both of Victoria’s parents understood very well the joke and got very excited! 

4. Bad News


However, Victoria wasn’t ready for what was waiting for her. Sadly, she had a really difficult pregnancy. One day, she just started gagging without being able to stop and that really worried her but she couldn’t find the reason behind this extreme nausea. 

3. Extremely Sensitive To Smell


She really tried to find the reason why this happened to her and then she realized that her sensitivity to smell that she always had become extreme and she couldn’t control it. It was a nightmare. The worst thing was that her house had a lingering drywall smell that made her extra sick. 

2. Couldn’t Take It Anymore 


Tom couldn’t take to see Victoria suffering like that, so he decided that the best solution for her was to get out of the house. So, he booked a hotel for her nearby the house and at the weekend they stayed with Tom’s parents.  

1. Happy Ending 


After a week and along with her doctor’s help, Victoria managed to return to her home and everything went great after that. “I’m hoping the worst of it is behind me and I can finally move on,” she said. 


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