For some people, a simple spring cleaning session would suffice when it comes to organizing their house and getting rid of old stuff. But for Elle UK fashion writer and vintage seller Daisy Murray, a much more comprehensive closet purge was in order for her London apartment. On Instagram, she posted about her decision to simplify her wardrobe. “Years of compulsive overbuying and a bizarre need to keep everything—‘I want to give it to my daughter!’ 17-year-old me screamed while clutching an American Apparel boob tube—left me with about nine Ikea bags worth of clothes to sell, and sell I did,” Murray said. 

Intrigued by her commitment to closet purging, I reached out to Murray to get more insight into her decision and learn about the items she deemed worthy of keeping. “With so much of the world in slow-mo, my commute eradicated, social life decimated, and spare time abundant, I felt this was the perfect time for my final push to achieve wardrobe clarity,” Murray told Who What Wear. “I began this ‘journey’ (cheesy, but true) three years ago when my parents cleared out my wardrobe. They refused to act as a storage facility any longer (rude), and I was confronted with the real scale of my shopping habit.”

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