Authorities ultimately decide against charging Jamie, citing “insufficient proof that a criminal offense was committed.”

July 10, 2020: Britney addresses critics on her Instagram after she starts sharing more videos and pictures from her day-to-day life. She explains that she understands “how some might not like my posts or even understand them, but this is Me being happy.” The mother of two continues, “This is Me being authentic and as real as it gets !!!!! I want to inspire people to do the same and just be themselves without pleasing others… That’s the key to happiness.”

September 9, 2019: Jamie Spears is temporarily stepping down as Britney’s conservator, according to documents obtained by E! News. Britney’s care manager, Jodi Montgomery, is now approved to fill in for Jamie as conservator until January 31, 2020. As the temporary conservator, Jodi maintains all the same powers that were granted to Jamie.

July 23, 2020: Bryan Spears confirms Britney’s desire to have the conservatorship lifted. He explains the perceived limitations her legal status imposes on her, explaining, “It’s very frustrating to have. Whether someone’s coming in peace to help or coming in with an attitude, having someone constantly tell you to do something has got to be frustrating.”

On the same day of this interview, a routine virtual hearing is conducted regarding the conservatorship. Per the minutes, another hearing is scheduled for a later date to determine whether the conservatorship will be extended beyond August 22.


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