From The Queen’s Gambit to the fourth season of The Crown, Netflix has been spoiling us with some seriously binge-worthy shows recently – and we couldn’t be more grateful for it. But aside from the much-needed entertainment these series provide us with, they’ve also given us a serious dose of outfit envy. Can’t stop thinking about that one outfit you saw your favourite character wearing on screen? We’re here to help. Keep scrolling to see nine of our favourite looks from Netflix’ latest hit shows and movies, and find out how you can easily recreate them yourself…

1. Beth – The Queen’s Gambit 

The Queen’s Gambit is the show everyone is talking about at the moment, and we think protagonist Beth’s style plays a big part in that. Did you notice the subtle nods to her chess career in most of her looks (black and white colour blocks, checks and graphic lines)? For your next walk, channel her style with this effortless, perfectly colour-coordinated combination. Check mate.

2. Princess Diana – The Crown 

Of course, we’ve been obsessed with Princess Diana’s style for years – but the latest season of The Crown has just seriously reignited our love. Right now, we’re especially keen on taking notes from her impressive knitwear collection and we think this big-collared jumper would definitely take her fancy. Pair it with some pink mensy trousers and you’ll look just as iconic as she always did.

3. Dani – The Haunting of Bly Manor

We instantly fell in love with Dani’s lilac jumper in The Haunting of Bly Manor, so we’re very excited we found one that looks almost identical to hers. Paired with some gold hoops, a great-fitting pair of jeans and an oversized denim jacket, you’ll achieve an outfit that’s eerily similar to hers on this perfectly eerie show.

4. Jolene – The Queen’s Gambit 

Jolene is undoubtedly one of the coolest characters in The Queen’s Gambit, and we think her style is equally as cool too. To recreate our favourite outfit of hers, we’d pair a leather blazer with some jeans, a roll neck and – of course – some retro shades. Now all we need is a vintage car to match…

5. Mrs de Winter – Rebecca 

Every single one of Mrs de Winter’s outfits in Rebecca could have made it onto this list, but our top pick has to be this oversized androgynous suit combination. Worn with a thick jumper underneath, it’ll even be warm enough for your next weekend walk. To complete the look in true de Winter fashion, just add a beret and you’ll have the look down to a T.

6. Hannah – The Haunting of Bly Manor

Hannah’s always-put-together, sophisticated style is something we can only aspire to – but this outfit comes pretty close. A printed midi skirt is a must to recreate her look, worn with a buttoned-up blouse tucked in. Finished with some gold jewellery and some sleek boots, you’ll be ready for a romantic night of cooking indoors.

7. Benny – The Queen’s Gambit 

Benny’s style in The Queen’s Gambit is so cool, we just couldn’t help but style an outfit inspired by him. A longline vinyl coat is the perfect starting point, which we’d pair with a matching hat instead of his signature cowboy hat to make it more everyday-appropriate. Finish it off with some silver jewellery and this match is all yours to win.

8. Sloane – Holidate 

Sloane has provided us with some serious festive-style ideas in Holidate – with outfits for everything from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. If you’re in the mood to get a bit dressed up, take cues from this still and go for a bold-patterned top worn with a PU mini skirt. And, Sloane loves a good statement earring, so we’ve added a pair of those too.

9.  Lily – Dash & Lily

Lily’s quirky style is just the inspiration we needed in order to refresh our wardrobe for the weeks ahead. In this scene, she gives the classic jeans-and-a-jumper a new lease of life by adding a colourful coat and some novelty accessories. Now you’ll be more than ready for any new adventures coming your way when you least expect them…


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