For my family, Father’s Day seems to get lost on the end of the school year/ beginning of summer shuffle. If you have a similar issue, hopefully these eight ways to celebrate dad on Father’s Day helps you plan a memory-filled day this year.

Determining how to spend the day can provide the framework for your family’s celebration and gift ideas. Father’s day activities should be based on dad’s idea of a great day.

1. Does he like nature? A family day hike with the gift of a new personalized water bottle.

2. Sports? A day at a local ballpark and gifting everyone in the family a pack of baseball cards to result in an epic trading event.

3. Bike riding? A family bike ride to a local ice cream spot and a new bike maintenance tool for a gift.

4. Photography? Everyone gets a disposable camera and a picnic lunch is brought along to an outdoor shoot.

Choose an activity and create a celebration around that theme. Stepping up your game to more than a BBQ allows your kids to join in and feel invested in the day.

Dad biking riding with children

5. Fathers Day gifts can be cliché, embrace the world’s best dad mug! Dads have a way of achieving superhero status in the eyes of their children, so let’s honor that. Novelty gifts of socks and logo dad tees can be perfect for this holiday.

6. Tickets or coupons to be redeemed in the summer for 1X1 days with a kid are wonderful too! A dad and me dates to a summer concert, movie, or baseball game give dad and child something to look forward to and build memories around.

 White mug with #1 DAD

7. Of course handmade cards and art projects are simply heart melting! These types of projects work well if you can provide some framework and supplies and then let the kids do the project. Encourage them to write or draw about their favorite memories with their dad. Or complete the phrase “my dad is incredible because…” or “my dad is like a superhero since he….”or “my favorite thing about dad is that he…”

 Drawing of superhero

Please note: feel free do substitute grandpa for dad in any of these suggestions!

8. Father’s Day brunch is a fantastic way to start a late morning. A build-your-own Bloody Mary bar complete with bacon, pickled veggies, and even mini sliders are sure to be well received by the over 21 crowd. Other build-your-own ideas for breakfast include omelets, tofu scrambles, or oatmeal. An overabundance of topping choices adds to the celebratory feel of the morning. Of course if you already have an activity planned for the day, coffee and fresh donuts are a delicious way to start off the morning too without much effort.   

Bloody mary drink


You can “hit it out of the park” this year with any combination of the above ideas. Enjoy celebrating the unique qualities and fatherly love that makes the dads in your life so special to you and your kiddos.

Shauna is a mom of two and works for Little Skye Kids Boutique providing amazing customer service!


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