Is it just me, or are the final days of summer slipping by faster than usual? As a beauty editor, my spidey senses start tingling at the onset of any seasonal shift because it signals the need to purge my vanity of any products that no longer serve my makeup, skincare, and bodycare needs in exchange for ones that will ride with me in the months to come. But the transition from summer to fall is probably the most drastic course correction I make all year since environmental conditions make the most dramatic leap from hot and balmy to cold and dry.

With fall on the horizon, there’s more to consider than which cozy layers we’ll add to our wardrobes. We have to start thinking about which swaps we’ll be making in our beauty wardrobes, too. Cooler temperatures mean the oil-sopping ingredients we held close all summer will take a back seat to ultra-hydrating formulas that will support us through snowstorms (I’ve heard from my colleagues in New York that those are a thing), hot showers, and an overall dip in moisture in the air. This time can bring on some major dry-skin woes, but with the right fall beauty products in tow, we can get through it looking and feeling moisturized and unbothered.

Ahead, check out the eight beauty products I’ll be packing away with my swimsuits and sandals and the eight fall-ready picks I’m boosting to the top of my routine.


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