We’re just over a week into the second lockdown and, although this one promises to be shorter and the restrictions aren’t as strict, it can still be a pretty daunting time. While it’s easy to put lots of pressure on yourself to actually achieve things this time around or set lots of goals, really, your priority should be keeping your mental health in check. The first lockdown wasn’t easy, so to make the second one feel that bit more relaxed, we’ve come up with seven different ways to keep yourself happy and feeling in control for the second round. From the best time to get exercise in to a super exciting step to help plan for your future, count this as your ultimate survival guide…

1. Tie up any loose ends

In the first lockdown, you might have made some big plans and might not have managed to finish everything off. So, instead of setting some potentially unrealistic goals for the upcoming weeks, try to tie up any loose ends of any previous projects first. It just be something as simple as finishing off that book, clearing out that final drawer in your room or actually completing that course you started.

2. Get outside earlier in the day

It’s getting really dark, really early out there now – so instead of taking a walk or heading out for some daily exercise in the evening, try and do it earlier in the day. If you’re still working or working from home, try to get out before the workday starts or on your lunch break if you’re not that much of a morning person. This way you’ll get some much-needed sunlight and can have the evenings free to wind down indoors.

3. Start writing things down

With so much extra time on your hands, your thoughts can definitely start to run away with you throughout lockdown. To prevent having a cluttered brain, try writing all and any of your thoughts down. You can do this on your phone, but we think using a pen and paper is best. You could write what you’ve done that day, how you’re feeling, what you’re nervous or excited about – practically anything that comes to mind. Remember there’s no right or wrong for this one.

4. Make sleep a priority

Sleep is so important for keeping your mental health in check. With less social plans and responsibilities, these next few weeks lend themselves as the perfect opportunity to get your sleeping pattern back on track. As a starting point, we’d suggest setting your alarm for the same time every morning whether it’s the weekend or not and getting into the habit of a bedtime ritual. But we actually have a whole post on seven tips to help improve your sleeping pattern which should help you out…

5. Log out of your social media

Trust us, now that the election is over and we know we’re back in lockdown, there’s not going to be that much you’re going to miss out on by logging out of your accounts for even just a couple of hours a day. We think social media is great for so many things, like keeping in touch and a sense of escapism – but, if it’s making you feel more anxious than happy at the moment, it might be time to take a step back.

6. Revamp part of your space

We’re not suggesting a whole makeover of your entire house or flat or your even bedroom, but some subtle, easy changes can make any part of your space feel brand new. It could be as simple as getting some new bed sheets or pillows, maybe buying yourself some flowers or setting up a new photo frame. Or, if you really like this idea, a fresh coat of paint wherever it’s needed would also make the world of difference.

7. Look to the future

The best way to stay positive during these times, is to look to the future. Ok Mentor is a charity initiative set up by female volunteers from companies including Google, Amazon and Bumble to help other young women pursue careers in the creative industry with the tools to succeed faster, influence the global economy and close the gender pay gap. Alongside mentorship and masterclasses, Ok Mentor holds two four day programmes a year with the next happening in mid November covering everything from resilience, self-worth and confidence to building a brand, self promotion and maintaining a network. Sounds like something up your street? We thought so. See the sign up link here.


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