Our bucket list of things to do when lockdown is over is getting longer by the day. But, whilst it’s exciting to look ahead and dream about all the things we can eventually do, it’s also important to focus on the moment and remember everything we can be happy about today. Just yesterday, we joined forces with our charity partner CALM and launched two new T-shirts to help raise money for their Campaign Against Living Miserably. And we thought what better time to talk about seven things to be happy about right now to help them in encouraging some positivity during these times…

1. Breakfast in bed

For many, the best part of lockdown is all the extra time we have on your hands to do something just for ourselves. One of life’s little luxuries, that we don’t manage to do as often as we’d like normally, is breakfast in bed – so, take advantage of being able to take pancakes back to bed on a Wednesday because it’s not going to be an option for much longer.

2. The weather
Although our summer has arguably been taken away from us, we can almost guarantee that a lockdown in the winter months would be ten times worse. Brighter weather is always a mood booster and it means that our outdoor activities are much more enjoyable. So, next time you head out on a walk, remember to be grateful that we’re not in a state of constant rainfall at the moment.

3. Picnics
Given the latest government announcement, the thing we’re most happy about right now is that we can now see more of our friends and family. Since it’s still only outdoor activities that are allowed, we just can’t wait for picnics in the park as of Monday. Of course there’s plenty of other things you can do but the thought of food and friends in the sun is making it hard to be anything but happy.

4. Family time

A big positive for many that has come out of all of this, is having been able to spend more time with our families at home. Especially if you found yourself moving back to your family home from university of wherever you work, you’ll have realised that this time has been more precious than ever. And whilst we’re super excited to get back to normal again eventually, you’ll be missing these days and wishing you cherished the moments more.

5. Finding a new show
Especially at the start of lockdown the thought of constant Netflix and Disney+ all day seemed like a dream come true. And even though the novelty of this has kind of worn off, you probably did find that amazing new show or favourite new film you couldn’t believe you hadn’t watched before. It may be small but it’s appreciating little things like this which can make all of your days a whole lot happier.

6. Happy dogs
Whether you have a dog that is super happy to have you around more often or you’ve just been seeing plenty of dogs around on your walks lately, dogs are always something to be happy about. And when you think about it, the way we’ve been living our lives in lockdown is pretty much how dogs live their life as always, which has sprung a newfound reason for appreciation.

7. Staying connected 

And, of course we want to mention the two new tees we have made with CALM. The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is leading a movement against suicide. CALM’s free and confidential helpline and webchat is open to talk every day, 5pm-midnight, for anyone who is going through a tough time as well as supporting those bereaved by suicide. During lockdown, someone has reached out every 66 seconds! By wearing this tee, you will spread awareness, challenge damaging stereotypes and encourage positive behavioural change. The charity provides help before reaching the point of crisis and are a community to reach out, support and save lives. Connect on: 0800 58 58 58. Our short sleeve white ‘Connected’ charity T-Shirt showcases an important message. Our tee encourages communication, because connection is always powerful.


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