Leather briefcases are more than a fashion accessory and statement; they communicate messages to your audience, regardless of the kind of interaction. Here are some reasons why you should consider leather briefcases.


As a businessman or corporate professional, a leather briefcase communicates your status and organisation. Leather briefcases are elegant, and enhance your image. First impressions help your business and corporate outcome when forming relations and signing business deals. In this specific setting, it is a business-oriented product that can help to display your professionalism.

A leather briefcase helps you walk the talk. There are many different kinds available in the market, made from various different types of leather. If you’re looking to enhance your professional image, you can find amazing leather briefcases at vonbaer.com. 


Leather is usually considered to be the most luxurious and durable type of material. When you buy a briefcase, it should last you a long period of time. If you are always on the go, non-durable briefcases usually give in to wear and tear because of the frequent handling. You can be confident that a strong leather briefcase won’t give in easily. You can go about your daily business knowing that your briefcase appears as new as the day you purchased it. 


Having a leather briefcase gives you more versatility in terms of its ability to carry multiple and varied products. For example, aside from carrying documents, you can also use it as a laptop bag; its superior strength allows for heavier loads. If you are going to attend a meeting, then you can put your laptop inside the briefcase rather than carrying a separate bag, which would make your look cumbersome and unprofessional.

Fashion Accessory

If you are particular about your appearance, you can’t go wrong with a leather briefcase. There’s seldom a certain style or look that it won’t go well with. For example, it can be an accessory to your suit and tie look, or enhance a smart casual image. You can depend on it to enhance your style in a boardroom dinner just as it would a brainstorm session over lunch. It’s also a fine accessory in a university-setting, to carry notes or your laptop. Don’t be afraid to get creative, and learn how to style it.

Easy Maintenance 

Another advantage to leather briefcases is that it can be easily maintained. Since it is made up of leather, it is hard to scratch, dent, stain and fade. You may just have to clean it using a piece of cloth. You are guaranteed that your outfits won’t be affected by residue or colour prints that are sometimes caused by synthetic fabric when in contact with clothes. 

Natural Material

Synthetic briefcases or briefcases that have chemicals included for various factors such as aesthetics and durability may cause problems. Those that react to certain chemicals may react to the material, for example.

Also, certain synthetic fibre briefcases can leave stains on your hands, clothes and any surfaces on which you place the bag. Maintaining such bags are a challenge, because cleaning them means contributing to the process of fading – as well as wear and tear.


Leather briefcases are appreciated for the fact that they protect the contents. In the case that it rains, for example, the material is such that your documents don’t get drenched. It can resist moisture, meaning that you can confidently carry your bag in any type of weather.

Another great protection feature is the fact that it doesn’t topple over when you place it down. Most bags will topple over after a certain weight. Imagine you are in a business meeting and you place your briefcase down, only for it to fall and open, your documents spilling everywhere. Such scenarios aren’t welcome in professional situations. A leather bag remains upright because of its design; you can overload it with content. It won’t close if you do, but it won’t fall over either.


A leather briefcase is one item that you need to consider when looking to enhance your image, and for its practicality besides that. You will appear professional in your work setting, where first impressions can determine your outcome. The leather bag is also durable, meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing it for a long time.

You may decide that you need to add on to the collection, but that’s only a sign that you’re really enjoying it. It’s a versatile fashion accessory, it hardly ever needs maintenance and you can rely on it through thick and thin.


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