Podcasts are a huge part of the LA commute and we have been missing that part of our routines. We now start the morning with coffee, the usual news briefings and then take a break from the overwhelming amount of information in the news by listening to a non-news related podcast. See some of our favorites below:

1. Modern Love

This originally began as an NY Times column and gained such love and notoriety that they turned it into a podcast and even a show on Amazon Prime. Each essay is read aloud by a notable personality and tells a true story of the many forms of love, loss and redemption. You might need some Kleenex.

2. RadioLab 

This is for the science lovers, exploring some of life’s biggest questions about intelligence, culture, science and everything in between.

3. Kind Words

A super short segment on how kindness can changes lives, this is a great little uplifting moment during the day.

4. Noble Blood 

If you love the historical tales of Victorian nobels, kings, queens and the drama that plagued their legacies, this is for you.

5. The Moth 

Real people with real stories – this podcast is a live recording of stories told without scripts and based on a common theme that varies each week from heartbreak, humor, adversity and more. I’ve been known to shed a few tears with these impactful tales of true life.

6. Fresh Air 

This award-wining podcast hosted by Terry Gross dives deep into conversation with some of today’s biggest luminaries focused on contemporary issues, culture, and the arts.

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