If you haven’t been outside yet today, we’ve got some good news for you: it’s boiling. Even better, it’s expected to stay warm and sunny outside for the next couple of weeks. It might seem like there are limited ways to enjoy the sunshine given the current circumstances -however, we’ve come up with a few ways you can prepare for the heatwave and make it the best it can be. From the perfect look to go tanning in the garden to a refreshing cocktail recipe, here’s how to feel like you’re on a holiday at home…

1. The playlist
It’s no secret that music has a big impact on our mood, so when the sun decides to come out it’s only right that you put together an uplifting playlist to set the scene for everything else you get up to. If you don’t want to make one yourself, Spotify has tonnes you can choose from. Plus, if you’ve had Spotify for sometime now, they will have already put together a playlist of the songs you were loving last summer so you can reminisce.

2. The refreshments
Having waiters serve us Piña Coladas by the pool seems like a very distant fantasy right now – alas, you can make yourself some summery drinks at home that will keep you cool, hydrated and if you close your eyes, make you feel like you’re on a tropical beach somewhere. Our favourite choice is a Frosé: pour a bottle of rosé into a deep roasting tin and freeze overnight. The next day mix some strawberries and a caster sugar and let them sit for around thirty minutes. Blend this with the frozen rosé and some lemon juice for an ultra refreshing slushy.

3. The outfit

Of course, the most important part are the clothes. Staying stylish in a heatwave is one of fashion’s hardest tasks but we think we’ve just about nailed it. Check out our edit of bikinis, sundresses and all the fun accessories to pair them with to make tanning in your garden chicer than ever. And if you are really feeling your Topshop outfit, don’t forget to share a snap to Instagram with the hashtag #TopshopStyle to be in the chance of winning a £100 gift card (so you can buy more Topshop clothes).

4. The activity
We’ve recently been given a little more free range when it comes to our daily walks, so if that’s your thing check out our 7 Top Escapism Spots In London That Will Make You Feel Far Away. But if you’re actually looking to stay in, we would actually suggest trying to do as little as possible. There’s been a lot of pressure to always feel like you need to be doing something exciting each and every day – but when the weather is super hot it can be nice to just lie in the garden, listen to the playlist and drink the Frosé .

5. The film
Finally, when the evenings draw into a close, watching a super summery film can really transport you to a different place after a day of pretending to be anywhere but home. To make the most of the weather, we’d recommend taking the film outside and projecting it on a wall (if you have a projector, or a plain wall) or, if there’s just a couple of you watching the film you can just take your laptop outside instead. For the films we’d recommend putting on check out 7 Films That Will Make You Feel Like You’re On Holiday...


For more ideas on what to get up to when the sun is shining, check out 5 Summer Activities To Recreate At Home And What To Wear To Them…

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