We’ve all been counting the days until the end of lockdown ever since it was put in place back in March. But, now that the long-awaited freedom is finally ours, many are actually finding themselves more anxious than excited about heading back out again. After all, we’ve just spent weeks cooped up in our safe space on our own or only with our closest family or friends around us. To help you deal with the anxiety of heading back into normal life, we put together some simple tips to make the transition a little easier…

1. Remember, there’s so much to talk about
You might be worried that you’ve completely forgotten how to hold a conversation with real people in the real world but all those Zoom quizzes and Facetimes didn’t go without benefits. Really, you’ve probably been having more meaningful conversations in lockdown than ever before, so a simple chit chat with an old friend will come with ease. Plus, you’ve been apart for weeks so there really will be so much to talk about. Here are a few ideas if you’re still not convinced: your new hobby, that new series you’re obsessed with, heading back to work and if all else fails – ‘what a mad few weeks it’s been, right?’.

2. Take it easy
Now that most places are reopening there may be some pressure to go back to all of your favourite spots and see everyone you can each weekend. But hopefully all these places won’t but closing again anytime soon, so you have plenty of time to go to every place without any rush. And if your diary has gone from complete blankness to being booked up at least three days a week, remember it is still okay to say no to things if you’re starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by it all.

3. Continue all the self care you were doing before
Since lockdown started, a lot of us have been embarking on a new journey of healthy eating, a new fitness regime and plenty of self-care and it’s important to keep this up even when life becomes slightly more hectic again. However, in the same breath, don’t beat yourself up about not being able to go on as many walks or taking as much time to prepare dinner as you once were. Spending time with friends is just as good for your mental health.

4. Everyone is in the same boat
It’s nice to take comfort in the fact that pretty much the whole entire world is in the same boat right now. Trust us, everyone will be feeling that mix of excitement and nervousness about heading out again. Although we hated the idea of being locked inside at first, as time has gone on we’ve all become arguably too accustomed to the laid-back life. So, when chatting with your friends or suddenly finding yourself forgetting how to order from the waiter at a restaurant, rest assured – you aren’t the only one.

5. Keep yourself educated
And of course, it’s important to stay safe out there. Do your research on all the rules and regulations so nothing catches you off guard. Always pack a mask and some hand sanitiser with you and keep your one metre from everyone. It will be a little different to what we’re used to but it’s all for good reason and you’ll get used to the new way of outdoor life sooner than you think.


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