Well, that’s half of 2020 gone by in a flash! How has it been for you?

3 of those months were spent staying indoors, and keeping away from crowds. Maybe even rediscovering ourselves and our priorities. We aren’t out of the woods yet, however, although I see a great relaxing of activities in the community.

I’ve also had a few people tell me that they’ve lost their jobs, whether directly or indirectly caused by this pandemic, or by companies taking advantage of the pandemic to cut jobs, and that makes me feel sad. It must be a very challenging time, and I hope that you will stay strong, all of you. As trite as it sounds, the saying that, when God closes a door, He opens a window, is true. Look out for that window 🙂

As for me, I have been busy, especially in this past month. Some of you may have noticed a little lapse in my social media updates, but it is not without reason! 😉

So, here we are, at the end of June 2020, and here are 5 Things I Love, that I share every month 🙂 Tell me yours!

OK, I’ll be realistic, there’s only ONE thing I love that’s jumped out at me this past month, that I want to share.

WHAT I LOVE : Starting a new project and venture

Friends, I’d like to introduce you to my new project and venture – Quan Dog Treats 🙂

It’s a little business I’ve co-founded with a friend, focusing on making and selling treats for man’s best friend, our canine furkids 🙂 Like Sherlock, who is horrible at posing for the camera, my partner is camera-shy too, so you’ll just see me, I’m afraid 😛

parisb quan dog treats

Our dog treats are 100% natural, made from human grade meats and ingredients, and handcrafted right in our kitchens. We basically only use meats and ingredients that we would personally use in our own food. Not scraps, or throwaways – proper food 🙂

Our present line-up at Quan Dog Treats, is a mix of dehydrated meats and organs, and baked dog biscuits.

You can imagine therefore, how busy we have been, testing products and getting ourselves ready to sell! I’ve never done retail or manufacturing, and I didn’t realize how much went into sourcing raw materials, packaging, labeling etc. Whew!

Knowing how important packaging is, we worked hard on this aspect, and are personally, very chuffed at the result 😀

Being in lockdown for most of the past few months has been a challenge too, because we’ve been unable to go out and look for the things we need, or talk to the necessary people. It is at times like this that I fully appreciate companies that have an online store, whether for goods or services. It is so important to be online – which is why Quan Dog Treats is only sold online for now 🙂

It has been an educational and tiring time, but one that I’ve enjoyed tremendously, because I love a little challenge! 😀

quan dog treats packaging

When I shared this new little venture on Instagram a few days ago when we launched, I had a lot of people expressing surprise at this new and different direction I was going into, and also wondering why I went into making dog treats.

The main reason is because I want the best for my own dog, Sherlock. By extension, and being a dog-lover, I want the best for other people’s dogs too.

This is reflected in a very simple promise we make at Quan Dog Treats: We will never feed your dog what we do not already feed our own.

All our treats are tried and tested by our resident Chief Tasting Officers, who I swear, will eat us out of house and home if we let them! haha! 😀 They take their job very seriously!

We make our treats in small batches to ensure they’re fresh when they go out to you, because that’s how we’d want it too. Also, we don’t put preservatives or fillers and additives, because why would we feed our pets something we won’t eat ourselves, right? 😀


If you are in Malaysia, and have a pup, we want to share our treats with you. We’re offering a Free Trial Pack if you sign up for the Newsletter, and 10% off your first purchase too. There’s absolutely no obligation at all to sample our treats! 🙂

I’ve had people ask me about making treats for cats, and as much as I’d love to, I’m afraid I don’t know enough about cats, as I do dogs. I am assured by some, that their cats have eaten the dehydrated meats, and enjoy them too 🙂

paris b quan dog treats

So, for June 2020, this is how I’m remembering it – with a new challenge, and a new venture. And that my partner and I haven’t tried to kill each other yet LOL! 😀

To everyone who has supported us thus far since our launch on 26 June 2020, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It means a lot to us, that you trust us, a brand new outfit, and we promise you that that trust will never be abused!

So, sign up, if you haven’t, or do a good deed, and tell your friends who have dogs to check us out – www.quandogtreats.com. We can’t offer you a commission, but we can assure you that your good karma isn’t unnoticed by the Universe 😀

Now, enough about me – tell me about 5, or maybe ONE thing you loved about June?

Before you ask, I’m not giving up on blogging yet! 😀 I’ll still be here, but understandably, there may be times when posts will slow down, but I’ll always be here 🙂

Paris B


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