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Just like that, August is over, and the year is entering its final third. Our borders remain largely closed, and we can’t leave the country so all travel plans are out the window.

While our lockdown isn’t as strict as it used to be, we are still offically under a Movement Control Order, which means masks must be worn when out, and we must record our attendance at any stores. Still, it does seem that things are back to normal, albeit, a little more inconvenient.

What this brings us to is my month-end ruminating on what I’ve enjoyed from the month before. For the most part, I think I’ve gotten used to not going out without purpose, and minimizing dining out. The latter is also due to my pup who can’t be left alone 🙁 Kind of miss eating my meals in situ as opposed to having to takeaway when we choose to eat out. Somehow, it doesn’t taste the same.

Oh well, here’s how August went down for me. Tell me yours!

WHAT I LOVE: Skincare

What I have thoroughly enjoyed using through August is the Skinlex 2% Alpha-Arbutin Serum. It has been such a delight, especially because I noticed results that I did not expect to.

I love being surprised by products all the time, especially when they aren’t terribly expensive!

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ysl toy lou lou bag, skinlex alpha arbutin serum, cerave moisturizing cream

WHAT I LOVE: Small bags

As my wallets have shrunk, so have the bags I carry.

These days, I don’t carry very much in my bags, so I’m quite happy going about with small ones – bags I’d never thought I’d ever use back in the day!

The good thing about using a small bag is that it takes less of a toll on your shoulders, and doesn’t feel so bulky and unwieldy. That said however, I’d struggle with a bag this size, if I were working in an office and outside the home. There’s just too much a woman needs to carry in her bag! 😀

Bag featured is a YSL Toy Lou Lou – a mini little thing 😛

WHAT I LOVE: Cordless Vacuum

One of my favourite things from the last month is my cordless vacuum. I’d already told you about the Karcher VC4i Cordless Vacuum I bought, and I use it almost daily!

I’ve found it light and compact, and the suction power is good. Good enough that I can use it over my mattress and pillows to clean it, and the dust bin fills up with erm… something haha! So I guess it’s doing its job.

But the most important thing it does is keep my house pet-hair free, and for that, it’s worth every single penny!

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5 things august 2020

While wearing makeup still isn’t a daily affair for me, each time I do wear makeup, I’ve found myself reaching for the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow.

I love the subtle colour it gives my skin, and now that I’m a wee bit more tanned than I used to be, it actually looks very natural. It makes a good base for a blush too, for a healthy, simple look.

The one makeup item I have not found myself using is anything to do with the eyes. My concession is just brows, cheeks and lips. I haven’t worn eye makeup in MONTHS! 😛

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WHAT I LOVE: Hand Cream

We’re still washing our hands aren’t we? 😛

I’m also washing my hands much more often, since I started baking dog treats and packing them, so having an affordable hand cream that works, is of paramount importance!

My go-to, especially for an overnight treat is still the Cerave Moisturizing Cream. I might have to buy a new tub soon to standby, as this one feels a little light.

I slather this all over my hands and arms just before bed, and I love how it isn’t greasy, nor does it leave a residue, so I don’t mark my sheets. It’s about the only thing standing between my hands and claws, right now LOL! 😛

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So, there you have it. My 5 favourite things from last month.

What are your 5 things that you loved last month?

On a side note, I cannot believe how quickly the year is flying by, and how much has been happening both locally and globally 🙁 Hope you’re all staying safe wherever you are! Wear a mask!!

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