You’ve probably long forgotten about your jeans since being demoted to the back of your wardrobe and replaced by joggers. But, we think it’s about time you reintroduced yourself to the ultimate outfit hero. In fact, we class jeans as a pretty big staple during lockdown days – especially Mom jeans with a looser fit and styling versatility. Keep scrolling to discover five different outfits for lockdown occasions that prove mom jeans are your unexpected must-have right now…

1. Classic fit

An outfit that you’ve probably got down to a T by now, is the classic jeans and a sweatshirt combo. Right now, this look will suit just about anything from your weekly food shop to a walk outside or even just a movie day indoors as the jeans really are that comfy…

2. New mom in town

Meet the oversized Topshop One mom jean: an even more relaxed fit in a crisp white shade that makes them feel so fresh. Style yours with lots of pastel loungewear pieces now to make the look feel a lot more fun and even match your water bottle for extra style points.

3. Not so DIY

Tie-dye is all the rage right now – but if you’re not feeling skilled enough to DIY your own pair of jeans, we’ve got some at the ready to save you the work. We’re picturing these worn on an afternoon in the garden, so add a breezy white top, sunglasses and a hat to protect you from the sun.

4. Zoom party

Zoom calls have pretty much become the biggest event in our weekly social calendars and a Friday night catching up with friends online makes for the perfect occasion to show off some diamanté-detail mom jeans. And since you’re on webcam, you’ll want to add a top with an interesting neckline to impress everyone on the call…

5. Something special

A couple of bank holidays are coming up and although they may not feel as exciting as usual, making an effort with your outfit is sure to make them feel that bit more special. Pair a white broderie top with gold jewellery to master weekend chic and add a pop a colour with some easy coral slide-ons.


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