Are you rummaging through your wardrobe to find an outfit that perfectly goes with your office? Well, the struggle is real, and we are here to sort your professional life.

Often times, the confusion whether your skirt is making the look or breaking the dress code, whether your pumps are too loud or too meh can get in the way of your working. Breaking the work attire rules can actually create a bad impression on your boss or colleagues and who needs that in their life!

Here are the 5 basic things you need to follow to ensure a smooth work-look and no creases falling on your reputation:

Don’t follow fashion statements

Workwear should never be influenced by what’s in the trend. Make sure that your attire is sharp, crisp, and smart. Stick to ordinary and usual dressing such as solid coloured shirts, pants, and one-pieces. Avoid following the trends, as they may not fit in the work attire rulebook. The loud prints that may look cool, tacky colours on a cheesy one-liner printed T-shirt, and bodycon outfits are too unconventional for the work environment.

Small checks or pinstripes are the only kinds of prints that work as formals and are undoubtedly elegant. Moving ahead, keep your outfits subtle and monotone at work to keep up with the basic dress code. No matter what, this ideal clothing will always be good enough for every kind of workspace and profile.

Avoid excessive jewellery and accessories

Looking for a way to enhance the look of your basic work outfit? Accessories and jewellery are the answer but make sure that you don’t overdo it. Adding accessories to the attire is a good way of making your outfit tasteful. However, if you go for tacky colours and irrelevant jewellery, it will end up being a disaster for your formal outfit lookbook. Professional ties with basic belts and scarves are your forever good-to-go options. Other than this, adding too many accessories and jewellery will break the elegant personality you are going for in your office.

Dress according to your work profile

Well, going over the top or too shallow, in total contrast with your job, is one mistake most people make. You can’t wear a formal tuxedo if you’re working as a field photographer or pull off a tulip skirt for an electrician profile, right? To be sure of this, you need to understand more about your work profile. Analyze the comfort zone and quality of the clothes to be sure that it doesn’t make you uncomfortable. To find the right outfit for your work profile, check out online portals like Workwear Hub.

Pick the right shoe for your job

Finding the proper shoe for your work needs is the most important dress code to keep in mind. It is as important as using the proper equipment for the job. If you work with an industrial environment that involves oils, chemicals, and dust, stylish Louboutins will not make you look cool but rather funny! You would need good sturdy boots. However, if you work indoors and it requires only desk work, toe-covering sandals or shoes or loafers are the universally flattering choice you need to consider.

Clean and tidy outfit

Neat and clean outfits play an important role when it comes to making the right statement for your work. Pulling off a clean, tidy, and well-pressed outfit can help you influence your boss, customers, and colleagues. Dressing up fresh is a way of showing respect to the organization and the work you do. It helps in maintaining the professional environment, be it big scale businesses or small-sized organizations.

These basic dress codes are the name of the game for better workwear collection. So, ready to adapt the new workwear mantra?


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