“Men are hard to shop for.”

I hear this time and time again. But I disagree.

We are actually very easy to please – you just need the right gift ideas!

Still confused? Worried that Christmas is coming up and you haven’t found the perfect gift yet?

The good news is – you can still grab an awesome last-minute gift without resorting to novelty socks or ties.

So take a deep breath, read this guide then grab him the perfect gift and pretend you had it all planned out well in advance.


Click Here To Watch The Video – Last Minute Gift Ideas For “Hard To Shop For” Guys

All items were in stock as of December 10 – but it’s the holiday season and things are changing fast. If you find something has sold out, please drop me an email and I’ll credit you in the article!


Super Quiet Watch Winder Box by Watch Winder Smith

If he’s a lover of watches, he needs this in his life. A watch winder box lets him access his watch collection without worrying his watch has lost power and is no longer keeping the right time.

Watch winders also protect his watches – no more scratched timepieces because they’ve been left on the bedside table.


Click here to grab VITAMAN’s winter skincare routine and get free US Shipping.

What could be better than the gift of perfect skin? VITAMAN’s men’s skincare products are made with natural Australian ingredients – no toxins, aluminum or chemicals.

Their Winter Skincare Routine gives him the core VITAMAN face-care essentials he needs this winter:

  1. Natural Face Cleanser
  2. Natural Face Scrub
  3. Natural Face Moisturizer

He’ll also get simple instructions on how to use this kit and VITAMAN’s world-class support if he has any questions. Click here to grab this kit and get a free VITAMAN re-usable Face Mask and VITAMAN’s no alcohol anti-bacterial hand wash thrown in for free!

Oh – and if you’re looking for more skin and hair care recommendations, click here to read VITAMAN’s Holiday Gift Guide.


apple organizer

Click here to grab this wireless 3 in 1 charging station from Aresh.

Is he always losing his cables and chargers? (I know I’m guilty of this!) An elegant and stylish solution is a wireless charging station. It’s great for the guy with multiple gadgets and keeps all his devices in one place, and fully charged without the messy cables.


Click here to discover Monta’s classic, elegant Swiss-made timepieces

What man doesn’t want a stylish, elegant timepiece? Monta Watches are great starter watches for those who want to go a little more high end but still want to stay on a budget.

These watches are sleek and professional and come in several styles that cater to every whim and fancy. I’d definitely be happy to see this under the tree!


SHEATH is for anyone looking for breathable support and separation in their underwear. Give them a try!

Everybody needs good underwear (several pairs if you ask me) and SHEATH is the best there is. When it comes to gift ideas for men – this is essential.

SHEATH comes in a number of different styles featuring moisture-wicking technology to create breathable and incredible comfort for your unmentionables. The dual-pouch design means there are separate compartments for maximum support and performance.


6. The Perfect Signature Scent

Every man needs a signature scent. But the problem is – most men have no idea what theirs is. Here are a few of my favorites:

7. Navitus Fragrances by Redolessence

Click to discover Navitus Parfums’ luxury, niche fragrances

Navitus fragrances have been in my top since I started my collection. Founded by my good friend Steven Gavrielatos of Redolessence, each scent is bold, unique, and not for the faint of heart.

8. Fragrance One by Jeremy Fragrance

Click here to discover Fragrance One by Jeremy Fragrance

The beauty of Jeremy Fragrance’s line is they’re simple, elegant and easy to use. Aptly named Office, Date, Night, Black Tie and Unisex- you’ll have no difficulty in choosing the perfect one for him.

Jeremy is also a good friend and has been a long-time fragrance expert and enthusiast – so it’s no surprise that his fragrance line delivers.

9. Galleria Parfums by Ash of Gent Scents

Click here to discover Galleria Parfums by Ash of Gent Scents

Founded by Ash Kirkland of Gent Scents, Galleria Perfumes’ main goal is to create olfactive memories through scent.

Scents like Cognac Cafe, Dusk to Dawn and By The Yuzu Grove are sure to trigger different experiences and memories for each wearer. A great gift for a collector or for yourself!


Click here to grab Makita’s XT505 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 5-piece cordless combo kit

When all else fails, power tools are always a winner.

This Makita XT505 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 5-piece cordless combo kit includes a hammer, driver-drill, a reciprocating saw, flashlight and a 6 1/2 circular saw.

What makes this kit even better is that it has the fastest-charging 3.0Ah batteries that provide longer running time.

Dad-the-builder won’t know what hit him!


Click to grab Maglite’s Heavy-Duty Incandescent 5-Cell D Flashlight

I’m a prepper – which means I like to be prepared in all possible situations I or my family can get into.

Skinned knee at the park? My first-aid kit is ready.

Leaking faucet at home? Got my wrenches right here.

Blackout during a storm? No sweat- I have my trusty flashlight: heavy-duty, incandescent, works with easy to find batteries, this Maglite flashlight is a staple in our house – it’s water-resistant and renowned for its quality, durability and reliability


Click to grab this Hatori Super Small Mini LED Flashlight

Click to grab this Hatori Super Small Mini LED Flashlight

Goes without saying – if you like to be prepared then you should have one of these in your car, travel luggage, Dopp kit and bag.

You’ll never know when you’ll need it and it’s small enough for kids to use too!


wsiiroon flashlight

Click to grab this Wsiiroon 1600 Lumen XML-T6 Handheld Flashlight

I know I’ve listed several other flashlights here but with a house of 4 kids who like to the outdoors – somehow I just need several of these.

I keep these in our camping gear as well as keep one in each of the rooms.

Just in case we get a blackout from the nasty storm, everyone’s set. Pro-dad tip, these are waterproof.

Making them super handy for sticky little fingers.


Click here to grab the AmazonBasics Home Keypad Safe

Every house needs one of these, not just for jewelry or cash but for important papers, documents and perhaps small firearms you don’t want the kids to find.

The electronic keypad makes things more convenient and fast when you’re rushing to take something out.


Click to grab the VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Working from home has its perks but it definitely has its disadvantages too.

I found myself often distracted and even falling asleep on my workspace.

The standing desk literally changed the way I work – not only do studies show it to be healthier, it is also shown to help you keep better focus and reduce back pain.


Click to grab the Stand Steady Standing Desk

Being a convert of the standing desk, I’ve now turned my whole work station at RMRS HQ into a standing work station.

This helps me get things done faster, focus on my meetings with my team and literally keeps me on my toes.

I’m still skeptical about the whole losing more calories thing but it wouldn’t hurt if it were true!


17. Tactical MultiTool

Gerber Gear Truss Multitool

Click to grab the Gerber Multitool

This multi-tool has saved me countless times when going on trips, especially when I used to ride my bike all over the country.

Small enough to fit in the compartment or bag but has everything you need in a pinch.

LEATHERMAN Wingman Multitool

Click to grab the LEATHERMAN Wingman Multitool

Another great multi-tool to keep in the car or in your toolbox. Has everything you need in an emergency plus it’s compact enough to keep anywhere.

If I can’t think of a gift to give a friend – I usually end up getting this and I know it will be well received.


Click to discover the Mueller French Press Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Everyone knows I love a good cup of coffee in the morning.

Add some coconut sugar, freshly whipped cream (because nothing else compares!) and I’m all set for a good day.

This double insulated press keeps the coffee hot for longer and makes sure none of the grounds get to your cup.

A staple in the Centeno household.


Click here to grab the Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Vlogging Camera Kit

Talent is one thing but everyone knows a good camera definitely helps.

The Canon Mirrorless camera is great for pros and amateurs alike.

Easy to use with a 15-45mm Lens, 4K Video, Built-in Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth Technology – this is definitely a good starter camera.

A favorite for vloggers too!


lochby journal

Click here to grab The perfect planner, journal and sketchbook from Lochby

I’ve been journaling for more than 20 years, back to my military days and it’s definitely one of the things I have never regretted doing.

Not only does it allow me to look back and remember all the important (and sometimes crazy) things I’ve done but it helps me remember all the amazing people I’ve met.

I’ve used it to set goals, figure out timelines and overall just help me map out what I wanted to do with my life.

This is one of the best gift ideas for men who already keep a journal or for someone who’s looking to start. Lochby journals are stylish and sturdy – something you’ll need for every day.


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