I’m still finding myself in the emotional rollercoaster that most of us have been in for the last 10ish months. Some days I’m really thriving and motivated and just making things happen and feeling good about it. Other days I’m frustrated, missing normalcy and friendships and gatherings, and over looking at my own home. I’ve found that lately I’ve been focusing more on the things I can’t control and the things that may bring my emotions more hay-wire than the things I can control and shifting my perspective to the good in every day. So I wanted to write a quick list of 10 things that are bringing me joy right now.

Some of these were so easy to just pop out and if I’m being honest I got stuck coming up with all 10, which tells me that I have some heart work to do in order to feel lighter and joyful and less serious all the time. I want to be a woman who focuses on the good in life.

  1. Cooler temperatures that allow me to bundle up and feel cozy.
  2. Having lounging time with Eddie when he gets home from work. We’ve been re-watching tv shows and it’s been nice to have “normal” time together.
  3. Watching the kittens grow and play, they are just shy of a year old now!
  4. Listening to audio books while going for walks & doing household things. It’s been so nice to cross off so many to-read books.
  5. Watching my sister in law grow my little nephew and watching my brother prepare to be come a dad.
  6. Talking with Eddie all about what we want to accomplish this year.
  7. Cookies. Cookies seriously always bring me joy.
  8. Worship Music. I’m always enamored by the emotion evoked when I stop and listen to the words.
  9. Orange Juice. I’m obsessed with freshly squeezed orange juice right now.
  10. When I have legitimate soul-stirring conversations with others, that’s few and far between and I’ve missed it.

What about you?
What’s bringing you joy lately?
How are you doing?


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