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It’s time to start cleaning our closets and putting away our fall/winter clothing! This includes your plus size loungewear too. When the weather starts getting warmer, we tend to only focus on our outside wardrobe, and we forget about our at-home attire.

We have spent so much time at home over the past year, and we need to find normalcy wherever we can. For me, shopping feels normal. It’s something that we often do, or at least online window shop!

We’re at the point that our loungewear is just as important as what we wear outside. I can hear you asking Kay, “Why do I need to purchase spring loungewear, and is it really important?” Short answer, “Yes!” 

As the weather gets warmer, we want to be as comfortable as possible. The right loungewear can be a life changer!

Spring loungewear usually is lighter, the fabric is more breathable, and there are many options for fun prints and brighter colors. Caftans, dusters, and robes are also in the loungewear category.

I personally love pieces that are interchangeable. A duster that can be worn with your favorite loungewear jogger, or a body con dress and killer heels. (chef’s kiss).

Fashion is about duality and how you can integrate it with your entire wardrobe. Your classic pieces should interchangeable. These are the items you shouldn’t hesitate to spend a little extra on!

10 Plus Size Loungewear Pieces For Spring

Loungewear has become a necessity. We need to find multiple ways to feel comfortable, sexy, stylish while being at home.

The best thing about loungewear is the options! There is something for all moods and comfort levels. You can even wear your loungewear for store runs. Just because we’re in the house, it doesn’t mean we can’t feel beautiful!

Treat yourself this spring.

What are your favorite loungewear looks? Are you stepping out of your comfort zone this spring? I can’t wait to hear from ya’ll!

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